Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Sunday, June 30, 2013

We have arrived!!!!!!!

President and Sister Turk greeting us as the airpot
   Sometimes starting something is the very most difficult part of a task.  I like to paint with watercolors, and the hardest thing I do is pick up the paintbrush and put the first stokes of color on the paper.  Once the first color flows from the brush, onto the paper, the rest flows from my heart.  This is the same with this blog.

Elder's Bravo, Zarian, Smith, The Marler's, Elders Castillo, Fackerell and Diaz
We flew into Trujillo and as we came out of the airport, we were met by the Turk's and 6 handsome, wonderful, hardworking, kind and loving, missionaries.  After pictures with the "Bienvenido a Misión Trujillo" sign for Hermana Turk's blog, we loaded into the car and came to our new home.  It is lovely, I wish I knew who to thank for all that was done to make it ready for us.

After a good night sleep (4 hours, I was so excited to unpack), we arose to a breakfast with the Turks and meeting two of the most wonderful sisters, Alicia and Lucy.  Alicia works here at the mission home, keeping it spotless for guest and making our lives less stressful.  Lucy and Alicia also prepare the meals for all of our incoming and outgoing missionaries.  I can't wait to taste some of the wonderful Peruvian meals they will prepare.  I just hope I am home during some of the preparation time so I can help cook and learn some new skills...I want to learn to make Papa Rellenas!    We have had our first 24 hours in Trujillo. What a glorious time we have had.


The Presidents enjoying a few minutes together
I had to take a picture of the Plaza...beautiful!
    We so enjoyed our time with the Turk's the wonderful reception we received.  The presidents had time to talk and get to know each other better, which was one of the highlights of the day.  It is official, we co-adopted all of the missionaries in our mission!  We were taken on a tour of Trujillo...if visiting don't drive here...eeeeekkkkkk!
President and Sister Turk
Elders welcome us with a beautiful hymn...Elder Diaz, we love your voice!
Our afternoon began with a beautiful hymn by the Elder's, these are the brethren who work in the office, keeping everything running smoothly in the mission.

We love them .
The President and I watching the missionaries as they sang
We then had a visit from President Mendez (one of the mission counselors), meeting with the Assistants to the President, Lunch with the office Elders (these are 6 wonderful men)

Elder Castillo baptized Julia, he baptized her son 2 months ago
We attended the baptism of Sister Julia, and tying to find a friend Jonny Perez, here in Trujillo.
Hermana Montalvo & Hermana Panchi
 I love meeting the missionaries, the Sisters and Elders are so sweet and kind, they are diligent in their labors and we love hearing about their family and homes.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

What a Great Day!

We enjoyed being at the MTC last month as we studied Spanish, but nothing can compare to meeting more of our missionaries.  Tonight we met 14, who are waiting for their VISAs to Peru.   We are sad that they are not able to leave for Peru, but they will be a great asset to the missions they have been assigned to as they await their VISA.
Hermana Evans, Hermana Lasike, Hermana Marler, Hermana Downs and Hermana Boody
We only wish that we would have remembered to get out the camera when everyone was still there.
 Missing from the picture is Hermana Gonzales, Hermana Pullan, Hermana Redd, Hermana Skirvin, Hermana Watkins, Hermana Worlton and Elder Wengert.

Elder Brown, President Marler, Elder Endicott, Elder Buehner

We are so blessed to have such fine missionaries in the Trujillo Peru Mission.  

Thursday, June 20, 2013

1 Day and Counting

Tomorrow we get on the plane and head for Salt Lake City.  We have been busy moving Becky and JJ into their new home, packing up our last pieces of furniture and hauling them to the storage bin.  Addy, our 3 year old grand daughter has been nice enough to share her bedroom with us in the new home, like she did for 4 months in the other one.  I love laying on the bed with Addy, reading books to her in Spanish and telling her what the story says.  Thanks to a friend who wrote some primary children's books in Spanish, I have had about 10, which I read over and over to Addy.  It has added to my vocabulary and she thinks Grandma "is good in Spanish."  Thank you Addy, you build my confidence.

Today we visited with my parents, finished a few errands, and Kurt is still  planning on going on a bike ride with some of the grand sons.  Our life is full of exciting moments, and most of those moments are about our family.

Saying good-bye to our family and friends is difficult, but we are
Eli and Addy at dinner...goofy every time the camera comes their way
looking forward to a wonderful experience with the missionaries in Peru.  4 of our 5 children, three of their spouses are coming with us to Salt Lake City to be there when we are set apart (Elder Christofferson will be giving Kurt and I a special blessing to help us with our responsibilities over the next three years, and officially give the authority to preside over the mission).  They will then take us to the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah, where we will begin our training.  We feel so blessed that our children are joining us, and that Becky is staying home to tend all of the grand children and get ready for girls camp (she is the Stake Director and camp is next week).

We also feel very blessed that we will be attending the Mission President Seminar this next few days and sit at the feet of the Apostles to learn our responsibiliites.  I keep thinking about Jesus and his disciples teaching the people His Gospel, I am excited to embark on such a mission.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Welcome to the Trujillo Mission Blog under the direction of President Kurt and Sister Kathy Marler of Escondido, California.  As you can see from our profile to the right, we will be serving for the next three years in Trujillo, Perú, and are very excited to begin our service.  We have 12 days until we enter the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah, to receive 5 days of training.  We will then fly to Lima, Perú for one more day of training, then on Friday, June 28th, we will be met at the Trujillo airport by President Terry and Sister Janet Turk (the current Mission President).

Our days are filled with helping our daughter move into her new home, learning Spanish, studying "Preach My Gospel," in Spanish, getting ready to meet 230 missionaries whom we already love, and spending every spare moment with our children and grandchildren.