Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dad Marler Comes to Town!

What an exciting day, an hour after we sent of the new missionaries we were off to the airport to pick up President Marler's Dad.  
Don and Norma Marler will be visiting us here in the mission for the next week.
We are so excited to share the mission with them!

Elder Brown, Elder Heward, Elder Cano and Elder Haacke, came to welcome the Marler's to Trujillo!

Meeting New Companions...

Tuesday morning we woke up bright and early and had waffles and pancakes.
President and Sister Marler make this breakfast for all of the outgoing and
incoming missionaries.
 There were trainings by the assistants, interviews by the President, 
English lessons by Sister Vaughan and Sister Angell, and 
Sister Marler talked about adjusting to missionary life and maintaining your health.
Then it was time to meet the new companions. 
 Sister Cañadas with her new companion Sister Smith.
 Sister Opdahl with her trainer, Sister Richins.
 Sister Utley and her trainer, Sister Tonga.
 Sister Canizales and her trainer, Sister Roach.
Sister Rosada and her trainer, Sister South.
 Sister Mujica and her trainer, Sister Huayton.
 Sister Harris and her trainer, Sister Mason.
 Elder Garside and his trainer, Elder Ojeda.
 Trainer, Elder Capcha and his companion, Elder Bolivia.
 Elder Rodriguez and his trainer, Elder Platino.
 Trainer, Elder Pequeño and his companion, Elder Benitez. 
Trainer,  Elder Vargas and his companion Elder Rodriguez.
Hermanas and Elders planning their first teaching appointment.

A final training from President Marler, and they are off to their areas.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Missionaries Arrive

I am amazed, and already in love with the smiling faces, strong testimonies, and kind words of these wonderful missionaries.  Each one is a blessing in our lives and in the Peru Trujillo Mission.
 ...and Elder Benitez de Argentina is off the plane!

 Sister Harris from the U.S.A. and Sister Rosada from Lima. 
 Sister Cañadas from Honduras, so glad to have her back.
 From left: Elder Heward, Elder Rodriguez, Elder Rodrigue, Sister Harris, Elder Garside, Elder Bolivia, Elder Haacke, Elder Benitez, Elder Brown, Sister Rosada, Sister Casteñada, Sister Canizales, President Marler, Sister Mujica, Sister Marler, Sister Utley, Sister Opdahl and Sister Angell.
 On the bus to the temple. 

 The temple from the Huaca.
 The new Elders.
 ...and the new Sisters. 
After dinner, we had a special musical number with Sister Harris, Sister Opdahl and Elder Haacke, a short family home evening and the lights went out.
So we finished the evening by candle light.
Great way to start a mission!

New Trainers gather in Preparation for new Missionaries

 Sister South, Sister Richins and Sister Huayton...
 Elder Capcha, Elder Vargas and Elder Pequeño

Elder Platino, Elder Ojeda, Hermana Tonga, Hermana Roach, Hermana Mason and Hermana South
OK, trained and where are the new missionaries?

…look Mom, Here We Come!

 We love to stop at the temple on the way to the airport.  It is a final reminder of why we came, why were are here, and what joy we can bring to others as we bring them to Christ. 
The Elders give one last group hug at the temple.
 We love to share the pictures of the ward members who come to say good-bye to the missionaries.
Converts love their missionaries…What great blessings missionaries bring to the lives of their converts.
Friends forever!

 Hugging everyone good-bye, brings joy, love and tears.

 Elder Leavitt, our personal secretary for 13 months, organizer, office manager, friend.
 Hermana Oreé with President Marler.
Elder Cunningham is "ready to roll."
 Bye everyone, I love you!
hugs and good-byes to dear friends. 
last minute messages sent through the glass.
 Here come the new missionaries, 12.  7 Hermanas, 5 Elders,
ready to teach the world His truth.
 President and Sister Marler, re-group, dry tears and put on smiles for the new missionaries!
The missionaries lined up at the window and waved hello to their "grandkids and great-grandkids" they will never meet…but their influence will be felt forever.
We love you all.