Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Missionaries who Returned home in November

Just a few more pictures of the missionaries who went home last week.  

We enjoyed a wonderful feast together.  Dinner on Sunday night, and then President Marler's famous
Belgium Waffles on Monday morning.
Sister Gonzales with her grandparents…what a treat!

The Pullan Family 

Sister Arancibia, Sister Dahua, Sister Skirvin, Sister Flores
Sister Lasike surrounded by family and fiends in the middle row.
And Sister Redd with her family in the back.
We had so many family members, it was awesome!
 Elder Leon, Elder Espinosa, Elder Nelson, Sister Watkins, Elder Calvas and Elder Autruima were getting ready to watch the outdoor, giant screen presentation.
 Of course we had our family night and talent show…Marler Style.

 We had to have time for a little dessert, with all those toppings, Sister Dahua picked plain vanilla…
but look at how much she was enjoying it!

The Evan's family, + a few. 

 Sister Worlton playing the piano for us.
The Sister's Lasike!

 Sister Evans, Sister Boody and Sister Gonzales.

The Gonzales' family

Then of course, there are the last hugs…

We already miss you all!

Elder Zavaleta

Elder Zavaleta left the mission one day early, always with his eye set to help others enjoy the gospel and share in their joy.  One of the families he taught in Casa Grande were sealed in the temple, and he was able to join them.  We missed him on our last day of activities with the departing missionaries…but he chose the better part.
 Elder Zavaleta displaying his English Achievement Certificate...
 Last stories shared...
…and one last hug…
Elder Zavaleta served as one of our Assistants for 7 months, thanks for your wonderful example of love, service and wow!, could he teach!

Introducing Brother and Sister Fackrell

We were excited to receive this picture of the beautiful couple, Jacob and Jessica Fackrell. 
(thanks to Elder Smith who sent the photo)
We welcome Jessica to the Trujillo Peru Mission family.

Here is one of their engagement pictures as well.
You might recognize Elder Fackrell from previous blog entries,
He was our personal secretary here in the mission as we began 17 months ago.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kaden and Chelsea Hansen were married today!

Our own Elder Hansen was sealed today to his eternal sweetheart, Chelsea Tueller…what a happy day.

Our love and best wishes to you both!

A few more photos of our new missionaries

We gather to train and help our new missionaries to adjust to life in the mission.
 We play games to help us learn Spanish…or English.
 The President conducts interviews with each missionary.

 They plan for their upcoming week and practice giving a lesson or two.

 President and Sister Marler and the assistants participate in the training.
 We find great fellowship one with another.
 …and of course we eat.