Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mission Leadership Council February 2014

Our Mission Leadership Council is always a wonderful event.  We enjoyed training by President and Sister Marler, Elder Smith, Elder Zaveleta and Sister Calle.  
We are more prepared than ever to share the message of Jesus Christ to the people of Perú.

The Mission Leadership Council is made up of all Sister Leader Trainers and Zone Leaders, the President and his wife and the Assistants.  What a great group of missionaries!

President always asks for a goofy shot, so here you go.

The other side of goofy...

Elder Dennis, Nystrom, Smith, Soto, Coranado, Jimenez and Guerrero head for home this transfer with Sister Pocco and Sister Semorile.  We are losing some terrific missionaries!

Sister Villanueva and Sister Paiva shine for the camera

Sister Mathis and Sister Childers are our newest Sister Leader Trainers

In addition to training, we play soccer, volley ball or have a service project after our meetings, this month was a sports month.
Elder Brown and Elder Diaz wait to get into the game

Sister Allred and Elder Smith get into the action

Volley ball anyone…that is President Marler directing the team

Elder Ca and Sister Calle enjoying the game

Soccer-Volleyball is a must when Elder Rittcher is around...

Elder Guerrero writing home to mom

Pep talk from the team captain

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Sister Childers, Sister Carbone and Sister Bodoya enjoying the side lines during a break

A little look into Peru...

I usually post picture of missionaries and all of our activities. 
I thought everyone might like to see a few of the things that make me just love Peru and our experience here.

I shared the road with this horse the other day…we see carts with donkeys, mules, people power, horses or bicycles every day

Room checks in Sister Christensen and Sister Watkins room made me smile with this lovely valentines card from home.

This is looking down on a kitchen in a restaurant where two of our missionaries live, the actually eat at the restaurant every day too…this kitchen is open to the sky up a few stories...

These are the hills up behind Gran Chimu… These houses are made of cement

This is actually a bird that was in my house yesterday morning…cute isn't he!

Here he is again, sitting on top of the television…looking out at the park longingly

I have to say there is never a dull moment here, and we love that, every day we see animals in the most interesting places, interesting things, wonderful people and great missionaries…we are really blessed.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Another great week sails by...

A few days ago, it was Elder Boekweg's birthday, and we had a fun evening together.

President Marler, Elder Tway, Elder Boekweg, Elder Tirada, Elder Hernandez, Elder Zavaleta, Elder Smith

Tonight we celebrated Elder Hernandez birthday at the mission home.  What a great time we had!

Elder Tirado, Hermano Alexsis, Elder Boekweg y Elder Tway

We also had Elder Niña here with us.  Elder Niña lives in Cachipampa and just arrived home tonight from his mission in Chiclayo.  We had a wonderful visit with him…thanks for representing the Trujillo Mission so well.

Elder Huallpa enjoyed his first Root Beer Float…he loved it!

from left, back row: Elder Ureta, Elder Garcoa, Elder Diaz, Elder Swaney , Elder Dow, Elder Ojeda , Elder Smith, Elder Benitez , Sister and President Marler, Elder Morga
Front row: Sister Rejala, , Sister Gonzales, Sister Gonzalez and Sister Paiva

We enjoyed a Zone meeting with the Palermo Zone….What a great group of missionaries!

Elder Ureta and Elder Garcia

Zone leaders, Elder Dow and Elder Diaz provided some training

Just a cute little flock of sheep we passed by, there they were just walking down the road, with out a shepherd.  So glad we have the Good Shepherd to lead us and guide us.  We don't have to be left stranded alone on the road like these 2 sheep.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Zona Laureles

We enjoyed a day with the Laureles Zone on Wednesday.  
Attending zone and district meetings, doing room checks (good job Laureles) and proselytizing, what a great day!

(middle from left: Elder Martinez, Coco, Smith, Haake and Cowley)
(front from left: Hermana Bedoya, Semoile, Boody, Allred, Martinez and Steckler)

We came home to "this" beautiful art work on our garage door…. thanks mystery missionaries…we love you!
Thanks also to our neighbors, as a few of the sticky-notes fell off the door, they would collect them and put them under the door!  We are so thankful for great neighbors.
Every note had a little message from a missionary, we have read them all.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Activity Day with the President: Chimbote Buenos Aires and Sur

The second Activity Day was held in the mission.  Chimbote Sur and Chimbote Buenos Aires met today for a great day of fun and sun.

Banners were made to identify the zones

Games were played thought out the day, fútbol, volleyball, the centipede walk, the A-frames, a tug of war and great company.  A fun time was had by all.
Team Chimbote Buenos Aires

Zone Leaders, Elder Cortez and Elder Dennis hold up the banner

Team Chimbote Sur
Chimbote Sur gives new meaning to "helping hands"
Elder Castillo and Elder Guerrero …one last time

Contemplating the Day
Elder Zavaleta, Elder Castillo, Elder Boekweg, Elder Tway and Elder Smith

Sisters waiting for the games to begin

Volleyball anyone????

Sister Marler kicking the ball during a game of fútbal

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