Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Elders Service Day at the Temple

40 Elders were invited to pull weeds, clean up and beautify the temple grounds
on their P-day.
Elder Diaz and Elder Capcha pulling weeds.
Elder Boliva and Elder Benitez pick up trash while, Elder Steglich, Elder Walker and Elder Mendoza
clean between the bricks, getting everything ready for the grouting.
Elder Mendoza and Elder Steglich.
Elder Claros and Elder Hernandez, cleaning the bricks on the other side of the walk.
Elder Haacke and Elder Brown
Elder Tirado and Elder Huallpa take a break from weeding to smile for the camera.
Elders back row: Elders Farnsworth, Anderson, Perez, Brother Florian, Diaz, Mallea, Sotelo, Elder Cano,
Valcarcel and Cuevas
Front row: Elder Pequeño and Elder Meaker
Elders Capcha, Elder De La Cruz, Elder Huallpa, Elder Alvaro, Elder Vera, and Elder Zarate.

A Drive from Casma to Chimbote includes a stop at Tortuga

 Tortuga Bay.
 The fog rolling by, off the coast, it was beautiful.
 Sister Vaughan joins the Elders for a photo shoot!

30 minutes to Play

They say all work and no play makes for a boring life.
Well there is nothing boring about our life and we rarely have a spare moment.
In between the Temple Meeting and the Pensionista Meeting
we had a few minutes to rest and play.
 "Discover why we are different"
 A Perfect moment in Chimbote.
 Anyone see the movie Titanic?
Some people never grow up!
 Elder Brown, Elder Haacke, President Marler, Sister Reynolds and Sister Hidalgo.
Happy Days! No explanation necessary!

Pensionista Conferences

Pensionistas met from around the mission to receive training on nutrition 
and care for our missionaries.  
 We help our first meeting in Chimbote...
The Chimbote Pensionistas show their Trujillo Temple Key-chains.
Our second meeting was held with the Pensionistas in Trujillo.
Sister Marler gave a training on nutrition, and balanced meals.
Probably poor timing, but we homemade cake and cookies after the presentation on nutrition. 

Les Amamos nuestras Pensionistas.
Gracias por su servicio, gracias por su amor!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sister getting ready to serve at the Temple Open House

Sister Hidalgo and Sister Reynolds have been asked to serve as
Sister Trainer Leaders 
organizing the Sisters for the 
Temple Open House.
 They will be acting as hostesses for the 3 weeks of the Open House.  
Meetings were held in both Trujillo and Chimbote. 
Pictured here are the sisters from Chimbote.
Sisters in back: Sisters Alfaro, Updahl, Richins, Assef, Bravo, President and Sister Marler, Sisters Yackie, Hidalgo, Reynolds, Hansen, Jolley, Gutierrez, 
in front: Sisters Sosa, Casteñada, Shreve, Lopez and Rejala.

Elder Muguerza Berru baptizes his sister in Chimbote

It was a very special day for the Muguerza Berru family in Chimbote when Elder Muguerza baptized his sister.                             

Here is the entire family with some of our missionaries, Sister Rejala, Sister Yackie, and Elder Muguerza's companion, Elder Consuegra.  
This is what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is about, 
bringing families together for eternity!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

A gift from Hermana Jeffery…to us all!

Sister Jefferey drew this pictures of herself with her companions over 18 months.  
We just love it and wanted to share it with you.  
We love and miss all of these great sister missionaries.
Can you guess who is who?  

Sister Rejala receives her English Certificate!

Sister Rejala, excellente!
Sister Rejala joins the ranks of those who have completed their English Course 
and she passed with the highest marks possible.

A Wedding and a Baptism…it doesn't get any better than that!

On Friday, April 10, 2015
Ruli and Maruja
 were married in the Capilla Pueblo Libre
 Missionaries in attendance were Elder Benally, Elder Ccama and Elder Avila and Elder Angamarca
(Elder Angamarca served at the exceptional photographer)
After the wedding the family was baptized.
What a magnificent day.
In one year this lovely family will be sealed in the Trujillo Temple.
Congratulations, Maruja and Ruli and family.

Conference Weekend!

This year General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
fell on Easter Weekend.
I think every LDS Family has Conference traditions. 
In our family the entire family gathers for Conference.

We watch, on television, the Apostles of Jesus Christ share their messages of 
His Love for Us
The Eternal Family
(yes, your family can be together forever)
and other beautiful messages on the 
Principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
We eat scones.
We enjoy a few great meals together, including going out to dinner
after the Priesthood Session of conference. 
This year our "family" consisted of,
Whitney and James Fell, Sister Vaughan, Sister Angell,
Calls with all of our children and grandchildren at home (eating scones of corse)
and some of our missionaries.
I wish we had taken pictures of everyone who came over for conference.
Those who were not at our home, attended Conference with their wards and branches in 
which they are serving.
with his counselors, President Eyring and President Uchtdorf
(click to view the messages of the Prophet)

Easter Weekend

As the world waited for the Easter Bunny to arrive, 
the Missionaries of the Trujillo Mission prepared for an Easter Concert.  
The program was simple,
He Lives!

A message of hope, of love beyond measure. 
A message of sacrifice, an eternal sacrifice, that saves us from death, pain, 
and brings us to Him,
Jesus Christ.
This is our message, come unto Him,
accept of His divine gift.
Follow Him.
and find great joy with your family for eternity.
A gift to the community of Trujillo, Peru
From: Misión Perú Trujillo
We hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend.
Celebrating the "Greatest of them All"

Friday, April 3, 2015

A Few Days with Dad Marler

One of the joys of the mission, is sharing our experiences with our family.  
We do that by having you read the blog, 
and every once in awhile, we have a family member visit us.
Here is a post on our fun week with the Marler's.
 The airport welcoming party.
 A trip to Huaca de la luna.

A walk on the beach in Trujillo. 
 The Paseo de Caballo Horse show, they are getting to know us by name here.
 We have a Charla Fogenera next Friday, Good Friday, to celebrate Easter.
Don and Norma joined us for the perceive.
A few of Trujillo's finest!
 final good-byes and the Marler's head back home.
 Thanks for the visit, we love you and had a wonderful time.