Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Elder Castillo

Elder Castillo is such a wonderful missionary, he is one of our office elders.
We had a little birthday celebration for him...
Tres Leches Cake...

A New Jersey for Futbol

...and a party!!


A Baptism in Salaverry

Hermano Jerry has a baptism in Salaverry

Happy Missionaries, Hermana Allred, Hermana Dahua, and Hermana Downs

Salaverry Ward is super supportive!!!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

...And Here We Come

What an exciting day in the mission, 20 new missionaries.  We are all dressed up and ready to greet them at the airport.  We will feed them well, have some training, share testimonies of Christ, have them meet their companions and head off for their home areas.


Go!  and here they come 20 new missionaries

You have to love the smiles and enthusiasm

Headed to the Bus

Here are our new missionaries with our Office Elders, what a great group

a few close-ups

On the Bus ride to the Mission Home

I love to see the temple!  

A short welcome from President Marler

The new trainers can't wait to meet their missionaries

Now Meet our New Missionaries and Their Trainers
Trainer, Elder Huayhuapuma and Elder Johnson

Trainer, Elder Astill and Elder Duque

Sister Farley and Trainer, Sister Diaz

Trainer, Sister Balcaza and Sister Mathis

Elder Garcia and his trainer, Elder Bramble

Trainer, Elder Flores with Elder Cowley 

Trainer, Elder Barrios and Elder Haacke

Hermana Jeffery and Trainer, Hermana Montalvo 

Hermana Calle with her trainer, Hermana Worlton

Trainer, Elder Brown and Elder Pacheco

Trainer, Elder Lopez and Elder Cheal

Elder Lloyd and his trainer, Elder Espinosa

Elder Gruwell with his Trainer, Elder Garcia

Trainer, Elder Palomino with Elder Pequeño

Trainer Elder Wood with Elder Alvarez

Elder Vargas with Trainer, Elder Retamal

Elder Angamarca & his Trainer, Elder Rodriguez

Trainer, Elder Fernandez and Elder Alvarez

Trainer, Elder Cruz and Elder Guerra

Trainer Elder Contreras and Elder Huallpa

We just love our new companions!

Ready to serve the Lord!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Here we come: Sept. 2011-2013

We just put all of these elders on the plane.  It was great to have them at the mission home for the last 24 hours.  Here are a few of the fun moments they had together. 

Music... Elder Young, Elder Cerpa and Elder Zapata

Elder Zarian and Elder Beazer

Elder Cottle and Elder Spencer 

Elder Pestwitch, Hill and Nelson, ready for games

Elder Hill

Elder Cerpa and Young spent the evening in song

Elder Young, Elder Cerpa, Elder Zapata provide a beautiful musical number

Elder Nelson and Elder Young, ready for the ride home

And then we went to the airport...
Elder Wallace, Elder Arteaga, Elder Zapata and Elder Ipi

Hi Mom, be home in the morning!

on our way

Elder Camarena

Elder Zarian

Elder Prestwitch and Elder Hill

Elder Zapata

Elder Arteaga

Elder Ipi

Elder Pesantes

Elder Wallace

Elder Ramos

Elder Lobaton

Elder Cerpa and Elder Nelson

Elder Zarian

Elder Lobaton

Elders mingling with the members before their flight

Elder Beazer

Elder Spencer and Nelson with friends

Elder Zapata even gets a great meal from his doesn't get any better than that
Elder Pesantes with friends

Elder Hill with one of his "families"

A tradition here in Peru is for members of the church to come to the airport and say good-bye to all of the missionaries.  All the way down the airport were about 100 people who came to wish the missionaries well.  What a lovely tradition.