Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New Missionaries Arrive

We had missionaries arrive from Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, the United States of America, and Bolivia this week.
We love meeting, greeting and training the new missionaries and their companions.
 Elder Rojas y Elder Ramirez.
 Hermana Yujra, y Hermana Rimache.
 Hermana Haro, Hermana Alvarenga, Hermana Gamboa, Elder Quiroz, 
Hermana Yujra, Hermana Rimache.
Everyone in the new Group
Elder Quiroz, Elder Males, Elder Casco, Hermana Messina, Elder Rojas, Elder Irrazabal, Elder Zavalaga, Elder Alles, Hermana Alvarenga, Hermana Gamboa, Hermana Torres, Hermana Garcia, Hermana Haro, Hermana Yujra, y Hermana Rimache, y en frente, Elder Ramirez. 

 Then a bus ride to the temple and on to the mission home, for a snack and bed.
The next morning it was breakfast for 17 
and then training, meeting new companions and leaving for their new areas.
From Trujillo to the South, the Sierra to the East and Guadalupe and Cajamarca to the North.
 Training by Elder Haacke on the "Work of Salvation"
 ...and by Elder Bond, on the customs of the mission.
 President Marler interviewed each new missionary, Sister Garcia sure enjoyed hers. 
Sister Angell and Sister Vaughan played games in English, showing that learning a new
language can be fun as well as educational. 
 The new missionaries waiting  to meet their trainers. 
 The trainers arrived with smiles on their faces and ready to meet their new companions. 
 Hermana Messina from the U.S. with her trainer, Sister Oteo.
 Sister Rimache  from Peru, with her trainer, Sister Vasquez.
 Trainer, Sister Smith with her companion Sister Alverenga from Argentina. 
 Trainers Sister Tupe and Sister Roach with their new companion Sister Haro from Ecuador, 
 Trainer Sister Sanches with Sister Torres from Argentina.
 Hermana Gamboa from Lima, with her trainer, Hermana Rochelle.
 Sister Garcia from Mexico, with her trainer, Sister Thruston.
 Trainer, Sister Peel with her companion, Sister Butikofer from the U.S.A.
 Sister Yujra from Bolivia with her trainer, Sister Tomanguillo.
 Elder Irrazabal, from Argentina, with his trainer, Elder Boren.
 Trainer, Elder Rios with his companion Elder Rojas from Chile. 
 Trainer, Elder Baily with his companion Elder Quiroz from Bolivia.
 Elder Casco, from Ecuador with his trainer, Elder Medrano.
 Elder Males from Ecuador with his trainer, Elder Manley.
 Elder Alles from Argentina, with his trainer, Elder Smith. 
 Elder Zavalaga from Peru, with his trainer, Elder Sotelo.
 Elder Ramirez from Chile with his trainer, Elder Olsen. 
 Trainers and new missionaries talk and get to know one another after the introductions. 

 A little training, preparation and inspiration.
a Final picture!
...and they are off!

Monday, July 27, 2015

OK Mom, we are coming home!

Last night and today the missionaries had a wonderful time.
Time to study, relax, have a Family Home Evening with the Marler's,
talk, write in their Recuerdo Books, and just spend time together.
Sister Cossio and Sister Perez.

 Sister Aramayo with her mom and sister, we love having families come 
and enjoy some time in the mission field with their missionaries. 
 Elder Vera, Elder Ojeda and Elder Claros.
Elder Grewell, Elder Cheal, Elder Walther and Elder Cowley.

Elder Ojeda and Elder Vera.

 Hermana Aramayo and her past companion, Sister Taylor, 
they sure enjoyed spending the evening together. 
Elder Claros looking debonaire behind them.
 From left, Elder Ojeda, Elder Gruwell, Elder Cheal, Elder Walther, Elder Cowley, Elder Vera,
Hermana Cossio, Hermana Perez, Hermana Taylor and Hermana Aramayo.
Elder Claros is staying for an extra month, so he was already back in his area when
we took this picture.
 Everyone like a goofy picture now and then.
 a few selfies.
 The Hermanas.
 The Vera Family, Elder Vera's family came to pick him up as well, they headed back to Ecuador on a bus after this photo.
 Elder Walther.

On the way to the airport.

Elder Ojeda with Sister Marler and Sister Vaughan.

…and the members of wards, stakes and branches showed up to show their love and support.
This is always a great time for everyone. 
 We're going to miss this smile!!!
 The Elder Cheal fan club.
 Elder Ojeda with ward members. 

even just after surgery, members come to the airport to say good-bye to the
missionaries that they love.

 Sister Perez with some members from her ward.

Elder Romero, Elder Ojeda and Elder Heward.
Sister Taylor.

 Not sure who these elders are, but they are sure goofy in front of a camera. 
Thanks for being great "big brothers" to our grandkids this week, we love you.
Singing "God Be With You 'til We Meet Again" at the airport.

 and the hugs.

Last pictures that say, "I love you" and "I can't wait to see you again"
Until we meet again.
Hugs and kisses from the Marler's.