Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Sunday, October 26, 2014

A beautiful day in Chimbote

I found this photo on Elder Vera's Facebook page, what a beautiful day in Chimbote.  Must have been great p-day activity.
Enjoying a day in the Chimbote Sun with Elder Fernandez, Elder Hernandez, Elder Vera, Elder Cruz, Hermana Stefani, Hermana Childers,
Elder Callapa, Elder DeLaCruz, Elder Chempen , Elder Mollo, and Elder Meaker.

Baptism Pictures!

There is nothing I enjoy more than looking at pictures of those who have recently been baptized.  So happy our missionaries are inviting people to come unto Christ and follow in his path.
 Baptism of Hermana Sandra 
Estaca Central welcomed many new members...
Congratulations to everyone who entered the waters of baptism!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mail Strike ended…send packages OK

Dear Parents,
The mail strike is over and it is OK to send packages.  Those that are in Lima are coming slowly over the next 2 months.  Hopefully we will get them all…

Please remember the best way to send items is in a 4 pound prepaid envelope…from the U.S. post office, these come as letters and do not go through customs.

Also, remember a little something for companions…many of our missionaries receive nothing for Christmas from home.  So be frugal with your own missionary, and remember his or her companion.

Thanks for your love and prayers,
The Marler's

Friday, October 24, 2014

Zona Esperanza

Sister Sandra Peña shared a couple pictures of the missionaries in the Esperanza Zone…
what a great group of missioanries.
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 Elder Cruz, Elder DeLaCruz, Elder Spencer, Elder Heward, Elder Benitez,Elder Calvas, 
Elder Andia, Elder Capcha, Sister Ore, Sister Sandra Peña and Sister Arancibia.
Elder Heward displays the lining of his suit jacket…Vive Perú!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Learning English

We have English Language Lessons each Zone and District meeting so that each of 
our native Spanish Speaking missionaries can learn to speak fluent English
 by the time they leave the mission.  
Sister Angell is now our English Language Acquisition Specialist and she worked with a couple of zones this week.
…and to set a great example, Sister Angell gave the instructions to the game in Spanish…one her 2nd day in the mission!
 The Laureles Zone enjoyed learning some new words in English.
 First a subject was selected, Books from the Bible and Book of Mormon, Colors,
 Animals and Family Relationships.
 Then as they threw the ball to each other, they had to say a word in English that fit that category.
 Everyone was quick to learn that just because you folded your arms, it didn't mean that someone wouldn't throw the ball to you.
Learning can be fun!
Esperanza also had some English Language games with Sister Angell...
Elder Valcarcel trying to think of a great word in English!
Beautiful sun flowers in Esperanza.

A day trip to Casa Grande Zone

Elder Carder was surprised by a visit by Sister Marler,  Elder Leavitt and Elder Antuña.
and his room was spotless!
Elder Carder and Elder Aroapaza are in Chicama.
Elder Aroapaza shows us the area where he serves.
Cute picture in Casa Grande, a moto taxi filled with greens.
We then visited Sister Carrera and Sister Ascencio in Chiclin, 
I just loved the beautiful gardens around the yards. 
The Sisters display the English Vocabulary words they are working on.
In Cartavio we visited Elder Hernandez and Elder Weber…look at that clean, beautiful room. 
Elder Leavitt was especially happy to visit Cartavio, where he was "born and raised."
Here are a few beautiful flowers in the gardens of Cartavio. 

Now this was an interesting job, this man sits in the box and waits for cars and trucks to come down the road. He then stands up and turns the light so that the cars know they have a green light. If you see the back of the box, you have to stop and wait for the other car to pass.  I got out and talked to the worker for awhile and thanked him for keeping our roads safe!
Here is a Huaca from the year 300 b.c., right beside the road.

Elder Diaz in Casa Grande, has pictures of his mom and dad when they were on missions.  
The bottom right picture is Elder Diaz.
This is Elder Dority's desk, love that flag. 
Here we have Elder Leavitt, Elder Dority, Elder Ashcroft, Elder Price, Elder Coca, 
and in front, Elder Diaz, and Elder Antuñia. 
Casa Grande Zone had the cleanest rooms in the mission this week!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

You never know what you will find...

Getting ready for the big changes in the office staff, we cleaned the office from top to bottom…we found some very unusual things:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Senior Missionaries, Interns and Temple Builders...

Last night we invited our Senior Missionaries, The Fenn's and The Tenney's to have 
Family Home Evening at the mission home.
The Fenn's are here to build the temple, and the Tenney's are here with an Internship from 
University of Utah (go red-Scott that one is for you!)
 We ate a wonderful meal of Lomo Soltado and visited with one another. 
 Lomo Saltado is a meal typical of this region of Peru, a beef dish with onions and red peppers, and yellow aji peppers, maybe it is like a Peruvian version of fajitas.
 Look at those beautiful Mangos and Pineapple…you can't go wrong in Peru with the 
great fresh fruits and vegetables. 
 We had a wonderful Family Night lesson, shared a little about ourselves and finished up with a little dessert. 
From Left, Sister Moore- Missionary, self-sufficiency; Brother and Sister Fenn, President Marler, behind him is Sister Angell and behind Sister Marler is Sister Vaughan, office missionaries; Sister Arana- self sufficiency; Elder and Sister Smith- Member Leadership Missionaries; in the back, Elder and Sister Padilla- Family History Missionaries; The Tenney's, and the Anderson's, Temple Construction Missionaries. 
If you would like to learn more about being a senior missionary and serving the Lord now that you have some spare time…click here!

Fireside with the Central Stake

The Central Stake provided a musical fireside for the community.  
It is our hope to invite all to come unto Christ. 
 We do this through song,
 through media presentations (,
 and the sharing the word of God.
 What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday evening!  

A visit from Elder Acuña

One of the great joys of having so many missionaries that serve here from Lima is on occasion we receive a special visit as they have business here in Trujillo.  
Elder Acuña and his mother came back to visit as Elder Acuña was asked to baptize the child of one of the people he baptized while here on his mission.  
What a great blessing!
Thanks for visiting...

Monday, October 20, 2014

Welcome back, Juaquin Zaavala

It is always glorious when one of Heavenly Father's children return to the fold and make decisions to keep and make sacred covenants.  
Elder Wright and Elder Valencia invited Hermano Juaquin back and are accompanying 
him on this wonderful journey,
 As Juaquin follows the Savior, Jesus Christ and his teachings.
Congratulations, Hermano Juaquin.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Adriann, this one is for you...

Yesterday morning at 7:15 a.m. two Sister Hermanas arrived in our mission…their families have been waiting for this new blog entry, introducing their moms.  

The families of Sister Vaughan and Sister Angell (two real life Gardner Sisters) have been looking at the blog since the Marler's arrived, and the Vaughan family and the Marler Family have been friends for 37 years.  

Well enough of this, let's introduce our newest missionaries:
Sister Vaughan comes down the "run-way" from the airport.
…and then of course there were hugs from old friends.

Sister Angell was a few paces behind, all smiles and ready to serve!
…and then, of course, more hugs from old friends.
Here is the new office staff, welcoming their new family members…Elder Winterton, Elder Cano, The Marler's, Sister Vaughan, Elder Antuña, Sister Angell, Elder Brown and Elder Angamarca.
What a great team!
First stop with all missionaries, atop the huac a near the Trujillo Temple.
It was then time for a little time to get to know everyone and have brunch at the mission home.
The Sister Hermanas are now snuggled into their own apartment, happy as can be.
They attended their new ward, sang in a missionary choir for the Charla, and start work tomorrow morning at the office with their trainers, Elder Leavitt and Elder Angamarca.
They love the idea of having "daughters" to train.