Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Monday, November 30, 2015

It's that time again...going home

It seems like we just sent a group of missionaries home, but here we go again!
Six weeks sure goes fast.

Hermana Afoa, Hermana Hidalgo and Hermana Malkovich.
Hermana Afoa, Hermana Aranguren and Hermana Cruz.
Hermana Acosta and Hermana Hernandez.
Elder Bermejo, Elder Tacza  and Elder Cruz.
 Hermana Salinas and Hermana Sequiera.
 Hermana Hernandez, Hermana Acosta and Hermana Haro.
Last minute instructions from Elder Olsen.
 Trouble...Sister Marler and Sister Afoa!
Hermana Acosta and Hermana Sofán with the Marler's.
the Marler's with Sister Haro, Sister Salinas and Sister Sequiera.
 Peruvian hats?  Elder Coca, Elder Tacza and Hermana Marler.
Sister Acosta and Sister Vaughan.
Elder Ricapa and President Marler.
Elder Tacza and President Marler.
Sister Malkovich and her parents.
Sister Hidalgo and her mother.
Elder Bond with his folks.
Elder Alvarado, Elder Alvarez, Elder Bose, Elder Pre, Hermana Acosta, Hemana Baldeon, Elder Bermejo, Elder Bond, Elder Cachay, Elder Calderon, Elder Coca, Hermana Haro, Hermana Hernandez, Hermana Hidalgo, Elder Higuera, Hermana Malkovich, Hermana Afoa, Elder Ricapa, Elder Salinas, Hermana Sequeira, Hermana Sofán, Elder Tacza, Elder Cruz, 
Hermana Cruz,  and Hermana Aranguren.

Missionaries from the Trujillo Sur Mission
Went home November 16, 2014
Hermana Castañeda, Elder Chuquimia, Elder Cruz, Elder Meaker, 
Elder Perez, Elder Cardenas and Elder Zarate.

Tender Mercies

Tender mercies are special gifts from the Lord, 
sometime great and wonderful, sometimes small and almost inperceptable.
I am learning that the more I am grateful for all things, the more tender mercies I notice and receive.
For instance, a late plane cause a re-routing...and I ended up in Miami
4 hours from Miami lives on of my favorite families in the entire world, and they drove to Miami 
to spend a few minute in the airport with me...
The best 20 minutes of hugs, kisses and conversation I have ever had.
Thankful for a delayed flight.
Thankful for a son and daughter-in-law that would drive 4 hours for a 20 minute visit.
...and catching iguanas, of course!
Thanks Brian, Tiffany, Brynnly, Bryce, Chace and Brooklyn.
Then another missed plane, an offer to ride in a car to Escondido, California.
Thankful for new friends who graciously offered me a ride, saving 11 hours for family, 
instead of waiting in a hotel and airport.
Arriving in Escondido was a joy, first stop was to Kim and Arnie's for a little rest.
Then to pick up my mom.  How exciting to spend time with my mom, our 4 daughters 
and all of their spouses and grandchildren. 

Thankful for my mom, and two lovely days together.
We spent the day attending soccer and basketball games, 
eating lunch (great cottage cheese, tomato and basil sandwiches).
We wore out mom, and she decided to stay in for the evening.
The rest of us headed to Red Robin.
Photos above include Becky and Addy, Kim and Riley, Stefany with Jacelyn and to the left Luke.
Axel, Elli and A.J. enjoying French Fries and drinks before dinner. 
Jorden, Michael, Blake (our new grand baby, first time together), Arnie and Axel).

Gunnar, Scott and Conor, and Aiden, look at that burger!
Addy and Grandma...I just love all of these sweet grandchildren.
Sunday, we all went to Church in the San Pasqual Ward, said some brief hello's, 
We had an early Thanksgiving dinner at Becky and JJ's,
then headed for the airport at 4:00pm.  
Thankful for quick weekend trips, thankful for family, for soccer and basketball games, 
Thankful for grandchildren who are healthy and love sports, Thankful for my sons-in-law.
Thankful for great food, love, kisses, Blake and early mornings with grandma.
...and most of all, I am thankful to the Lord for all of these tender mercies in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving

Giving thanks is a daily way of life for us, 
as we have so much to be Thankful for,
Our family, Our Missionaries, Our Friends, Our service here in Peru, 
our home, the abundant food on our table, 
The Atonement of Jesus Christ which sustains us in times of sorrow, 
and give the hope of an Eternal life with Him, Our Heavenly Father and our family.
Celebrating the American holiday of Thanksgiving Day is a special day to express our thanks
and share our blessings with family and friends.
Preparations for Thanksgiving are always joyful,
the kitchen is full of helpers,
Tasters and Turkey carvers.

Friends and family join us for the feast of Thanksgiving.

President Rabanal with Elder Hartman and Elder Bond.
 President and Sister Bravo with Elder and Sister Haws.
 And of course, what would the mission home be without our Assistants and Secretaries.
Elder Romero, Elder Marshall, Elder Craft, Elder Bond, and Elder Olsen.
There is food enough to feed an army, this was the dessert table. 
 The Bravo's and Gomez' enjoyed their first American Thanksgiving feast.

 President and Sister Marler, enjoying the day with friends. 
A lovely day was had by all, now back to the temple, out to the mission field,
there was so much to do before the day was over.
...and we are so grateful for the opportunity to serve!
We hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Baptisms! We rejoice!

Baptism is a covenant between man and God.
We promise to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized in His name,
to remember Him always and to keep His Commandments.
In return He promises us to "have His Spirit with us Always."
The Holy Ghost, guides us, directs us and helps us to follow the Savior and His teachings
Elder Olsen and Elder Romero taught and baptized Hermano Irvin.
We welcome those who entered the waters of baptism this week.
We love you all, and welcome you to the family of Christ.
 Hermana Anna of Cajamarca with her missionaries Elder Cowley and Elder Segura.
Great welcome by the Cajamarca Ward!
Hermana Lina with Elder Caldas and Elder Tacza, gracias Barrio El Milagro por su apoyo.

 Hermano Anastacio with Elder Jensen and Elder Lagrava.  
Thank you Rama Otusco for the love you extend to all.
 Hermano Richard with his special missionaries, Elder Lagrava and Elder Jensen.
Hermana Chacon and Hermana Ramirez with Hermano Ovebeo.
Congratulations to one and all.

Charla Fogenera en Estaca Central

We testify of Christ,
we do it in word, in deed, in pictures and in music.

 We have no other goal as missionaries than to introduce the people of Peru to Jesus Christ,
and to invite them to follow Him in their lives. 
 This Charla was special with President and Sister Casous joining us and participating in the program.

 Elder Terry and Sister Furness performed a lovely duet on Saxophone and piano.
 Hermana Liliana shared a lovely testimony.
 President and Sister Rabanal shared powerful testimonies of the Savior.