Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Friday, August 30, 2013

Mormon Helping Hands, Peruvian Style

After the Mission Council Meeting all of the Leaders throughout the mission joined together for a neighborhood clean up project in Loredo.
Mission Leadership Council

A big thanks to the Bishop for helping to organize the service project.
Look at all those yellow, Helping Hands Shirts
Cleaning rocks, trash and debris from the streets of Loredo

Much thanks to the city leaders who helped with all the arrangements.

It was a joy to serve!

I hope they don't think Sister Diaz is part of the clean up effort!

You should have seen this lot before we cleaned it

What a great group of Mormon Helping Hands

Day is done

Thursday, August 29, 2013

...another birthday

We enjoy celebrating birthdays with the office staff...they work so hard to help keep everything running smoothly!  Friday was Elder Diaz' Birthday...Happy Birthday week to more time.

A "Futbol" the best present ever!

Stange custom, after singing Happy Birthday, they smash the persons face into their cake...Elder Castillo pushes Elder Diaz' face into the first "Rico" bite!

District Meetings in La Esperanza

Just a few pictures of the Elders in La Esperanza...

Great group of Missionaries...

Successful Missionaries...

Elder Palma and Elder Hansen
Wonderful Zone Leaders...

A Monday Afternoon Baptism...

Sister Kimberly had a wonderful day on Monday...
She was baptized by her friend William who left on a mission on Tuesday...

Sister Kimberly and Elder William
Elder Contreras and Elder Pauccar with William and Sister Kimberly
Here are the Happy Missionaries from the Chimú area and the Elders from the Este Zone who came out in support of Kimberly's special day.
Elder Pauccar, Elder Contreras, Elder Castillo, Elder 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A New Missionary Arrived from Phoenix AZ, USA today!!!!!!!

A special welcome to Sister Gutierrez.   Day one in Misión Trujillo.
Sister Gutierrez arrives in Trujillo

She loved meeting her companions at the airport.
Sister Gutierrez meets Sister Rojas and Sister Oldroyd 

What a great welcoming committee!

President Marler, Elder Castillo, Sister Oldroyd, Sister Gutierrez
Sister Rojas and Elder Zarian

On the way home we stopped by the Trujillo Temple Site, new scaffolding up around the spire

After a day of airplanes, lunch, training, hugs and great conversation, the Sisters were off to Chimbote

Monday, August 26, 2013

Who has been out with the President Lately?

Here are a few pictures of the Elders proselytizing with President Marler. 

Elder Pecho and Elder Acuña 

Elder Cottle and Elder Leon
Elder Contreras and Elder Pauccar
Elder Almonacid and Elder Bramble with a friend they taught.

Elder Castillo, Elder DeLaCruz and Elder Ratolo

Elder Arias and Elder Randall
One of the great joys of serving the Sisters and Elders of the Trujillo Mission is the time we spend with them on the streets of the various communities, sharing the message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ with the wonderful people of Peru.  We feel blessed just to be here and to know these faithful Elders and Sisters.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

...and on to Huamachuco

On the road to Huamachuco

From the top of the Andes, Elder Zarian and Elder Castillo look down!

Plaza de Armas in Huamachuco, look at those bushes!

President Marler, Elder Castillo, Elder Orihuela, Elder Castillo and Elder Leon

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work we go
Elder Cottle, Castillo, Leon, Zarian, Orihuela, Ccama and Hermano Alexis
(Ccama is right)

Best meal in Huamachuco, the Pensionistas!

Family in the Branch

President and Sister Salinas of the Huamachuco Branch and family

 The Elders are so funny, here are a few poses by Elder Castillo and Elder Zarian in the Plaza de Armas.
Which one is the rabbit with a broken leg?

Elder Castillo caught by a Peruvian war lord

Elder Zarian did not learn from Elder Castillo's mistake

On the way home we came across a herd of Alpaca, they were so adorable.  We almost froze to death but got some great photos.  If you would like to see more pictures of our trip, please look at the new album on Sister Marler's Facebook Page. Otuzco

What a great weekend.  We traveled to Otusco and Huamachaco to meet with the Elders, Members and those investigating the Church.  We had a wonderful experience.  Thanks to President Marler's secretary, Hermano Alexis, we made the trip safely!
On the Road to Otuzco
A view down the street and off into the Andes

Hermana Marler and her Alpaca friend
Our first stop was in Otuzco, where Sister Marler found a new friend.

Elder Calvas, Elder Zarian, Elder Castillo and Elder Tarazona

The Elders were ready to meet, discuss their area and then go our for a day with the President and Assistants.  Elder Calvas, Elder Tarazona, Elder Balas and Elder Porter and great missionaries and we all had a wonderful day meeting, greeting and teaching.

Off to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Elder Tarazona, President Marler, Elder Calvas, Elder Balas

Elder Balas and Elder Calvas help shell Habbas and peel potatoes.

A new meaning to the song, "I'm on the Top of the World"
Elder Balas and Elder Calvas

Teaching a lesson in a home

President and Sister Marler, above Otuzco

A couple more of Sister Marler's friends

The Branch Council in Otuzco... great people serving the Lord (President and Sister Cruz to our right, your left)
We had a beautiful day, met many new people and shared wonderful experiences with the Elders.  Elder Zarian and Castillo spent the day with Elder Porter and Elder Tarazona, sorry we don't have more pictures of them!  We love the people of Otuzco!