Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Last moments- lots of love

On the last day of the mission, all missionaries receive a training in 
preparing for the "real world." 
Applying for jobs, using your skills you have learned as a missionary to 
better you life, your family and your employment.
Thanks to Brother Juan Leyva, we have prepared missionaries. 

 Elder Espinosa having a little chat with Sister Marler.
 Sister McCally, looking over a few last minute memories in the blog books.
 At the airport members come and say good-bye, 
there is nothing sweeter.
Sister Thruston with friends. 
 Elder Terry, Elder Simper and Sister Pineda. They learned sign language 
to teach this amazing family.
 Elder Boren and ward friends. 

 The Ascope Ward always comes out to greet the missionaries. 
 Elder Espinosa with friends. 

 Arana-Chevarry family with the missionaries.
 Sister McCally saying good-bye to good friends.

 Look at the amazing group who came to say...
 "I love you"

 A few hugs,
 a few tears,
 a few smiles,
 and a wave good-bye!
We love you and will miss you all!
Mom's and Dad's, here they come.
Back to work.
 Elder Marshall and elder Craft will do anything to save the cost of a taxi.

Monday, May 30, 2016

It's that time again... going home

Oh how I wish there were words to express all of the feelings that our missionaries feel
 as they prepare to go home.  
They are sad, they are happy, they are excited, they are grateful.  
But deep within there are inexpressible feelings.  
You can see it in their eyes, they feel it in their hearts. 

Missionaries in this slide show include:
Trujillo Peru North Missionaries:
Sister McCally, Sister Thruston, Sister Pineda, Sister Beasley,
Elder Espinosa, Elder Cowley, Elder Simper, Elder Pulsipher, Elder Smith, Elder Heward, 
Elder Lane Price, Elder Terry

Trujillo Peru South Missionaries:
Elder Ashcroft, Elder Cook, Elder Weber, Elder Andia, Elder Logan Price.
 Hermana Beasley and Hermana McCally.
 Always time for a little music at the mission home.
 Elder Cowley, Elder Heward and Elder Pulsipher, sharing their final tips with Elder Marshall.
 Elder Price and Elder Boren.
 Sister Thruston, Sister Pineda and Elder Terry.
Elder Pulsipher and Elder Simper.
The Heward Family, ready for Noche de Hogar.
Elder Terry, Elder Pulsipher and Elder Simper.

The Cowley Family.

 President and Sister Marler, favorite FHE activities in the Marler family.
 Sister Heward with the famous Heward hat.

Elder Espinosa, finally caught for a picture...thanks Elder Marshall.
 Cowley's and Pulsipher's.
The poncho group...yes, we have all been to the Sierra lately.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

A few of last week's baptisms

 Victor and Jenny and their family were baptized by Elder Marshall, Elder Craft and Elder Arenas.
 A supportive ward means everything to a new convert.
A great baptism in Este with Elder Herrera, Elder Quiroz, Elder Vasquez and Elder Andrade.
Micaela was taught and baptized by Elder Manley and Elder Heward.

Another close encounter with the Alpaca world or "a trip home from Huamachuco.

Oh yes, we will miss this lovely creations when we go home.
And I have the best husband ever, who stops the car every time I spot an Alpaca or Llama.
 I think if we had alpaca's in the United States, they would have been the official cutest stuffed animal, instead of a teddy bear!

 Elder Craft teaching a group of alpacas.
 Alpaca herding and its finest, Elder Marshall using his best skills to coral them.
 This cute little baby just stopped and stared at us.

 After a successful day of herding alpacas...
 We also found a Llama beside the road, we had to stop, get spit at and take a few pictures.
 Elder Arenas, with his new friend.

 We also found a friend from the ward walking down the street, Sister Juana. 
It was so nice to see her and have a visit.
 It started to rain and around one corner was a beautiful rainbow.
 We also saw a few turkeys.
 We just loved our drive home from Huamachuco, we will miss the Andes.