Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It's Official...President and Sister Rios Arrive...Mision Peru Trujillo Sur

What a wonderful evening.  President and Sister Rios arrived in Trujillo, 
ready to open the 
Misión Perú Trujillo Sur.
President and Sister Rios
 We now share Trujillo with President and Sister Rios.  
...and we have new friends.
 The Rios' with the Trujillo South Mission office team.
Elder Pacheco, Elder Garcia, Elder Talbot, Sister Rios, Elder Price, President Rios, 
Elder Meaker, Elder Soliz. 
 The welcoming party at the airport.
Welcome to a new day, a new mission, a new life!
The Adventures continue!

Last Moments in the Trujillo Peru Mission

The days started out like any other day,
get up, read scriptures, pray, get ready, eat breakfast, brush teeth,
run our the door so Elder Quispe isn't late for his flight. 
 Elder Quispe has returned home and we had him at the airport at 7:00am sharp!
 Sister Hansen, Sister Marler, Sister Alfaro, Sister Fernandez, Sister Huata, 
Sister Carrera, and President Marler.
 Some Laureles Sisters came by the mission home to say good-bye 
and to eat a Mama Marler Famous Cookie.  
Back to the airport.
 Sister Cañadas became companions with Sister Marler after her companion left.  
That meant she got to wait for the Rios' at the airport.
 Sister Rejala with great friends. 
...and with the Marler's as well. 
and then...It was time for the Rios' to arrive.
nothing was the same at all,
We enjoy each day, we live each day to the fullest.
On June 28 we passed our 2 year mark in the mission.
It has been an amazing journey, we love the excitement of the mission,
We love being in Peru and serving the Lord.
We love being with our missionaries, and serving with them.
We express our gratitude to all the Past Mission Presidents and their wives who built this mission,
and it has been a pleasure to serve in your footsteps.
Tomorrow when we wake up, it will be a new day,
No more Trujillo Peru Mission.
Tomorrow: the Trujillo Peru North Mission and Trujillo Peru South Mission.
But it our hearts, it will live forever.
Best mission in the entire world!

Monday, June 29, 2015

A Poem by Elder McClelland

Elder McClelland, from Texas, wrote this poem as he sat thinking about the temple.  What a wonderful expression of his purpose as a missionary.

Peru Trujillo

Walking down the beach
I stop to teach
a family of four
comes to the door.
We explain what`s right
about God`s hope and light.

We begin to pray
to know the right way.
They start to ask
what`s God`s great task.
So we teach God`s plan
that yes it`s the eternal life of man.

We`ve gotten to the date
and they`ve stopped the wait.
All dressed in white.
O how great a sight!
Their sins are washed away
on this very sweet day.

They received the Holy Ghost
and now they`re headed to the coast.
The goal is made
now that the foundation is laid.
They are temple bound
where only eternal families are found.

Elder McClelland and his companion, Elder Winterton, with the Yarleque Family on their special day.

2 baptisms in Chan Chan...

Sister Sanchez and Sister Taylor taught Sister Erica.
Elder Farnsworth and Elder Newmann taught Sister Liliana.
Nothing sweeter than bringing people to Christ.

Today, Sister Lopez and The Smith's

Sister Lopez was transferred from Trujillo to Chimbote today,
a hard last minute change,
a new companion.
            Sister Yakie, Sister Lopez and President Marler. 

Last night the Veerbeck's came up from Viru to deliver the Smiths, we had a little good-by party.
 Friends showed up to say good-bye.
 Sister Vaughan and Sister Angell, giving a little last minute advice.

                                                               The last walk in the Trujillo Airport
 ...and a final picture with President and Sister Marler.
We will miss the Smith's so much,
but I bet their family is so excited to see them.  

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Slide show for Elder And Sister Smith, Mision Trujillo will miss you!

Elder and Sister Smith have been a part of the Trujillo Mission Family during the last 18 months
there family arrived on Monday night to see their mission area and 
go for a little side trip to Machu Picchu before returning home.
The Smiths have been valiant missionaries in the Viru District, and a great blessing to us all. 
Smith family, thanks for sharing your parents with us.
Here is a little slide show with a few memories of the Smith's.

One more night in the mission home...
Smith Family, here they come.

…and then good-bye to Missionaries from Laureles, Palermo and Viru.

Friday's Multi-Zone was a repeat of Thursday, but the missionaries were from 
the Zones of Laureles, Palermo and Viru.
 Elder Steglich, Elder Bernuy, Sister Rejala, Sister Cañadas.
on left: Elder Platino, Elder Rodriguez, Elder Weber, Elder Carr, Elder Romero
on right: Elder Ashcroft, Elder Volquez, Elder Jorquera, Elder Perkes,
 Elder Passey, Elder Gonzalez, Elder Thorpe.
Sister Alfaro and Sister Fernandez pause for a selfie.
Now if we only had a selfie stick!
Elder Passey, with Elder Perkes right behind.
Elders stop and visit after the Zone Conference.
Zona Viru, Palermo and Laureles, what a wonderful group of missionaries!
Self explanatory .
Another Chicken dinner, we must be in Peru.

 The Smith's, The Fackrell's and Sister Vaughan and Sister Angell.
 The balloons were a real bonus.
Sister Herrera and Sister Ragsdale.
 Sister Hansen, The Marler's, Sister Carrera, and Sister Huata.
 Elder Benally and Elder Cruz.
The Smith's, they will be leaving for the U.S. on Monday…
We love you and will miss you.
Elder Ashcroft, The Marler's and Elder Volquez.
Sister Rejala strutting her stuff with President Marler.

Meeting with Missionaries from Chimbote and Casma

We met on Thursday, 25 of June with our missionaries in Chimbote.  In 5 short days they will be missionaries that we share, for the rest of our lives, with President and Sister Rios.
Elder Smith and Elder Garcia
Elder Hinmann , Elder Galarza and Elder Maldonado
Elder Chuquimia, Elder Zarate, President Marler, Elder Huatuco, and Elder Muñoa
Sister Marler and Sister Shreve, with a few tears.
Writing in the Recuerdo Books.
Sister Marler and Elder McClellan- smiles, real smiles!!!!!
Elder Chuquimia, Elder Ashby and Elder Galarza, a final salute.
Sister Bravo, Sister Marler and Sister Tulumba.
Final pictures by the paparazzi and sharing stories.
Lunch for a bunch!

Sister Opdahl and Sister Lindblom with Sister Marler. 
Look at those San Pasqual Colors!!!
Elder Zarate, Elder Chuquimia and Elder Campos..and Inka Cola.
Elder Muguerza, Elder Becerra, Elder Vargas and Elder Rodriguez.
Elder Mollo, Elder Diaz, Elder Sanchez  Elder Alanoca and Elder Díaz. 
Sister Sosa, Sister Bravo, Sister Tulumba, Sister Shreve and Sister Carbajal.
President and some of the Elders.  What a fun time together.

lots of "selfies"
President and Sister Marler with one of our secretaries, Elder Angamarca. 
President Marler, Elder Lee and Sister Marler (taking the picture).
If you lean in , and someone else takes the pictures, is it a "you-ie" or a "them-ie"?
The Sisters of Chimbote.
Sisters Lindblom, Opdahl, Sosa, Vidal, Bravo, Castañada, Lopez, Carbajal, 
Tulumba, Shreve, Yaqui and Assef.
Elder Becerra, Elder Murguerza, Elder Ashby, Elder Andia, Elder Carder, and Elder Johnson 
 cute sisters walking down the street.

With everyone, a "group-ie."
Elder Apaza and Elder Bernuy.