Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Monday, September 28, 2015

A few more baptisms

Elder Jensen and Elder Lagrava in the Sierra (Otusco) taught and baptized Hermana Lucia.
 Elder Ramirez and Elder Olsen had a baptism last week in Chepén.
Bienvenidos Hermano Gianmarcos.
Hermana Angeles Cortez at her baptism, with Elder Mendez and Elder Gomez in Barrio Esperanza.
Felicidades todos!

District Meeting in Casa Grande and Porvenir

It was divide and conquer this week as President Marler went to the Casa Grande Zone 
and Sister Marler visited the Porvenir Zone.  
It is always great to meet with the missionaries as they provide training and encouragement to one another. 
District Leaders, Elder Pulsipher, Elder Oviatt and Elder Boren provided wonderful
training and direction for their district.
Zona Casa Grande is always amazing!
The Porvenir Zone was full of smiles.
Elder Capcha and Elder Gubler, District Leaders, gave great lesson.
 Sister Utley is the English Tutor for the Zone, she had everyone singing
hymns in English...great job!

Multi Zone Conference for Guadalupe and Casa Grande Zones

Our Multi Zone Conferences are a time for our missionaries to enjoy time together
learning to be better missionaries.

The meeting started with a lovely musical number by Sister Butikofer and
Sister Peel.

There was a training on being Yoked to the Lord, by Sister Marler.
Elder Smith and Elder Manley shared there talents on the Ukulele.
Assistants, Elder Marshall and Elder Bond helped everyone understand the importance of indicators.

Sister Mason and Sister Canizales practicing some teaching techniques.

Elder Boren and Elder Irrazabal,
 Elder Parkinson and Elder Pulsipher practicing their teaching skills.

 Elder Nuñez and Elder Drescher. 
 Another wonderful musical number by Elder Johnson, Elder Oviatt, Elder Morgan, Elder Boren and Elder Drescher.  Elder Pulsipher in front on the guitar. 
President Marler provided training.

Hermana Sellan directing the music.

 Elder Alles, Elder Nuñez and Elder Irrazabal.
And while waiting for Almuerzo, a little time to sing.

Elder Drescher providing a private concert for Elder Limaico. 

 Elder Irrazabal, Elder Nunez, Elder Alles and Elder Coca.
 Everyone from the Casa Grande and Guadalupe Zones. 
 ...and of course lunch.
 Hermana Tomanguillo, Hermana Yujra, Hermana Villa, Hermana Schuyler, 
Hermana Peel and Hermana Butikofer. 
Hermana Sellan, Hermana Rodriguez, Hermana Rimachi and Hermana Vasquez. 

Elder Ramirez, Elder Coca, Elder Males, Elder Alles and Elder Consuegra...just happy to be here!

A little time in San Pedro de Lloc

We were greeted by a group of children who wanted a ride in the car.
With permission of parents, they hopped in the car for a 30 foot drive into the church parking lot.
 This is the front of the Chapel in San Pedro de Lloc, it was a colonial home, 
then a college and now,our Capilla.  It is lovely.
 We were here for a baptism of Lorena, a sweet young girl, whose mom was recently reactivated.
 Sister Butikofer and Sister Peel, were so excited about the baptism.
 The Branch had a lovely reception for Lorena after the baptism. 
 While the sisters attended the World Wide Women's Conference,

President headed off to visit some members and teach some lessons with Elder Herrera and Elder Dykstra.
 We finished the weekend with a lunar eclipse over Peru.  Nice touch!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Dos Sellamientos esta Semana

One of our wonderful Sisters, Paola Melara was married on September 26 to Jose Valverde.
Congratulations to you both…in the Honduras Temple.

and also in Honduras, Elder Ricardo Contreras, married Amelia Urquia.
Felicidades a todos.
Con mucho amor.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Mormon Helping Hands Day

Well this day ended up being a real blessing.
We went to the beach at Huanchaco, just outside of Trujillo
for the annual Beach Clean Up.
When before our eyes were missionaries from the
Trujillo South Mission.
We never dreamed that a community service project,
 (with 3000 members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
Would turn into a family reunion.
Elder Benitez, Elder Bolivia, Elder Rodriguez and Elder Carr
Sister Angell, Sister Malkovich and Sister McCally 
Hermana Arroyo, Hermana Haro and Hermana Tupe

Hermana Tonga, Hermana Cruz, Hermana Chavez, Elder Lino and Elder Parillo

 Elders from down under...Elder Steglich, Elder Thorpe, Elder Elder Nielsen, Elder Craft.
 Sister Obando and Sister Utley.
Elder Areas, Elder Mendez and Elder Medrano.

 Hermana Torres and Hermana Sanchez with ward members from Chan Chan.
Hermana Alverenga, Hermana Smith and Hermana Piñeda.

Sister Bronson and CCM Comp., Sister Ragsdale.

Elder Calderron, Elder Gomez and Elder Boza.
Together again, Elder Cano and Elder Singh
They were interviewed and appeared on channel 6 television.

Elder Tazca, Elder Monroy, Elder Lavado and Elder Caldas

 Wish I had have brought the "canned spam",  
with my spam buddy, Elder Benally and his companion, Elder Perez.
Sister Torres, Sister Sanchez, ward member, Elder Lavado, Elder Newman and Elder Farnsworth.

Hermana McQueen, Hermana Abando, Hermana Cervantez and Hermana Sofán.

Hermana Acosta, Hermana Sofán, Hermana Abando, Elder Cogollo, Elder Areas, and Elder Medrano.
 Elder Phelps, Elder Cruz, Elder Obregon, and Elder Delgado.

Elder Gomez, Elder Boza, Elder Mendez, Elder Bermejo.

Elder Casco, Elder Tacza, Elder Sotelo and Elder Zavalaga.
Elder Wright and Elder Medina

Elder Cook and Elder Riddle.  

Sister Chavez, Sister Cruz, Sister Stewart and Sister Coleman.

 Sister Ashton , Sister Dillree,  and Sister Casteñda.
 Manos Mormonas Que Ayudan, en todo partes de la playa!

Elder Flores and Elder Zarate.

 Sister Landazuri, Sister Ragsdale, Sister Bronson, and  Sister Stewart.
Elder Mollo between the Marler's.

Elder Soliz, Elder Pacheco, Elder Chucimia and Elder Rodriguez, southerners with President Marler.
 Sister Ashton, Sister Marler and Sister Casteñeda.
 President Marler starts the day with an empty bag and by the end of the clean-up it was full...
Elder Steglish and Elder

Elder Pre, Elder Chacon, Elder Capcha, Elder Paredes, Elder Turner, Elder Monroy, and Elder Gubler.
The Elders from Zona Porvenir.
Hermana Daysi, Sister Marler, Elder Rojas, Elder Talbot, Elder Romero, Elder Rios and Elder Heward.