Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Friday, April 29, 2016

An Evening with our Retuned Missionaries

A 2 day seminar in Lima included a little time to spend with our returned missionaries.  
It was a wonderful evening, it started with them singing to us.
Missionaries came from Arequipa, Cuzco, Lima and Australia, 
yep that is right, Sister Afoa came from Australia.

 For more pictures, look at Sister Marler's Facebook page, there is an entire album of pictures.
Jennifer Villanueva came with her sweet little baby daughter, who is due to arrive in August!

A wonderful Aji de Gallina meal was prepared by the Huayton Family, 
I can testify the food is great and everyone should try their restaurant in Lima. 
We are so grateful to José Carlos Cano and Christian and Marisol Zavaleta f
or organizing the event for us.  

And a huge thank you to Elder Alarcon (Elder Zavaleta's father-in-law and our dear friend) for joining us at the reunion and arranging for the Lima Tumba Stake Center. 
Most of all thank you to all who came, it was wonderful to see you all, 
to give you hugs and enjoy your company. 
Thank you for the wonderful song, we love the song, "The Army of Helaman"
You are all amazing!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Zone Activities

Zona Primavera sent me this picture after a recent Zone P-day.  
Aren't they a terrific group of missionaries!
Hermana Brogan, Elder Wynn, Hermana Utley, Hermana Chaparro, Elder Bailey, 
Hermana Torres, Elder Ardana, Hermana Vasquez, Elder Morgan,
Hermana Alvarenga, Elder Cowley and Elder Drescher, 
Front: Hermana Beasley, Hermana Furness, Hermana Gamboa and Hermana Chacon.
The Central Zone had a unique p-day.  Elder Parkinson's dad has been diagnosed with cancer. The Zone had a fast for him, and his speedy recovery.  All of the missionaries, on their p-day wore matching shirts, broke their fast together  and had a pizza dinner.
We are all praying for you, Brother Parkinson.

Recent Baptisms

Just a few of our baptism pictures for this last week.
Elder Terry and Elder Connelly with Hermana Ariana. 
 Hermana Cervantes and Hermana Gallardo, Elder Ramirez and Elder Guerrero.

Elder Manley and Elder Heward with Hermano Diego.
 Elder Price and Elder Pulsipher with members of the Central Ward.
Elder Ramirez and Elder Guerra.
 Elder Irrazabal and Elder Valerio, what a great day!

 Sister Thruston and Sister Rosado with some of the newest members of their ward.
 Hermana Zoraida with Elder Heward and Elder Manley.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

New Sister Missionaries...ready to roll!

Sister Sandy Miller and Sister Sue Miller
arrived from the MTC in Provo ready to serve in the Trujillo North Mission.

 The entire office staff welcomed the Miller Sisters in style.  
Even our newest Personal Secretary, Elder Logan was there.
Sister Sandy Miller comes to us from Oregon, and Sister Sue from Washington.
So glad to have you, we look forward to working with you!
Welcome to the Trujillo Peru North Mission.
If any of you seniors are looking to serve a mission, 
you are needed,
you are wanted,
you will be loved!

The Arana-Chávarry Family is an Eternal Family

Our dear friends, the Arana-Chávarry Family was sealed in the temple on Tuesday.
What a blessing to be in the temple with them.
 What a blessing to be sealed together as a family for all eternity.
 What a blessing to have eternal friendships.
On this day, Claderman, was set apart as a full time missionary and is in the Lima MTC.
He will be serving in the Peru Huancayo Mission.
A perfect day for the Arana-Chávarry Family.

Meeting Their Trainers

The first questions asked, "When do I meet my companion?"
The hour has arrived.
 Trainer, Elder Vimahi, with his new companion, Elder Garrison.
Trainer,  Elder Bedregal with his companion, Elder Quijandría.
 Elder Colman with his trainer, Elder Wirthlin.
 Elder Hebert with his trainer, Elder Choquevillca.
 Trainer, Elder Parkinson, with his new companion, Elder Quispe.
 Trainer, Elder Dykstra with his companion, Elder Linares. 
 Elder Klossner with his trainer, Elder Wynn.
 Elder Camposano with his trainer, Elder Coayla.
 Trainer, Elder Alles with his companion, Elder Elliot.
 Trainer, Elder Reyes, with his companion, Elder Williams. 
 Hermana Gallardo with her trainer, Hermana Messina.
 Trainer Sister Butikofer, with her companion, Sister Holmes.
 Sister Mujica with her trainer, Sister Bronson.
 Hermana Delgado with her trainer, Hermana McQueen.
Hermana Tapia with her trainer, Hermana Maydana.

Sister Aranguren receiving her English Certificate

Great day, excellent English!

New Missionaries Arrive

 Missionaries arriving from various parts of the western hemisphere,  
The United States, Ecuador, Columbia, and Argentina. 
Elder Hebert, Elder Klossner and Sister Gallardo touch down in Peru.
In the background, Sister Delgado and Elder Colman.

 Sister Holmes, Elder Quispe, and Elder  Quijandría followed right behind with big smiles, 
and lots of suitcases!
 From left: Elder Logan, Elder Espinoza, Elder Craft, Elder Quispe, Elder Linares, Elder Williams, Elder Quijandría, Elder Elliott, Hermana Gallardo, Elder Garrison, Hermana Tapia, Elder Camposano, Elder Marshall, Elder Klossner, Hermana Holmes, Elder Colman, 
Elder Herbert, Hermana Delgado, Elder Arenas and the Marler's.  
 Sister Sue Miller and Sister Sandy Miller, take a bus ride with the new missionaries, 
New missionaries, themselves, with 1 week in the mission!
Oh, we can see the temple! Can we stop?
A few selfies.
and abrazos fuertes with new friends. 
 Sister Delgado, Sister Tapia, Sister Holmes and Sister Gallardo loved seeing the temple.
 Touching the walls of the House of the Lord.
 A little instruction from President Marler and a welcome to Trujillo.
 Welcome to Mision  Perú Trujillo Norte, we love you!
Almuerzo waiting at home with Hermana Alica and Hermana Esmelda,
and special guest cook, Hermana Olsen our Mission Nurse.