Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Day 2 in the Trujillo North Mission

Everyone was up bright and early, 6:30a.m. on the dot.
Our 13 new missionaries started the day with breakfast, then their trainers arrived.

 What a lovely special musical number with Elder Dayton on the piano and 
Sisters Wright and Schuyler singing a duet. 
The new missionaries shared their testimonies of Jesus Christ.
Then it was time to meet their trainers.
 Elder Alberto from Chincla Peru, with his trainer, Elder Argueta.
 Elder Paredes from Lima with his trainer, Elder Salinas.
 Elder Gerrard from Utah, with his trainer, Elder Pulsipher.
Elder Wilson from Utah and his trainer, Elder Welch.
 Elder Bejarano from Bolivia with his trainer, Elder Bolivia.
 Elder Caycho from Lima with his trainer, Elder Morote.
 Trainer, Sister Soto with Sister Adama from Lima.
 Sister Wright from Oregon with her trainer, Sister Schuyler.
 Elder Guerra from Chile with his trainer, Elder Ramirez.  
 Elder Dayton from Utah with his trainer, Elder Turner.
 Elder Peréz from Chile with his trainer, Elder Caldas.
 Trainer, Elder Smith with Elder Ledesma from Utah.
 Elder Montes from Lima with his trainer, Elder Tarqui.
...and then they were off to their new areas. 

By 12:00 noon everyone was one their way .
What a wonderful day!

13 New Missionaries Arrive!

Missionaries arrived yesterday morning from around the world,
we are so blessed to have these wonderful young men and women join our "family."
Elder Espinosa, Elder Olsen, Sister Angell, Sister Marler, Sister Wright, President Marler, Elder Caycho, Elder Guerra, Elder Dayton, Elder Montes, Elder Gerrard, Elder Perez, Elder Alberto, Elder Ledesma, Elder Marshall, Elder Paredes, Sister Adama, Elder Bejarano, 
Elder Wilson and Sister Vaughan.

 A few words at the temple by President Marler.
Elder Espinosa, Elder Alberto, Elder Caycho, Elder Perez, Elder Craft, Elder Bejarano, Elder Wilson, Elder Dayton, Elder Marshall, Sister Adama, Elder Gerrard, Sister Wright, Elder Paredes, Elder Olsen,
Elder Montes, Elder Ledesma and Elder Guerra.
 As the only 2 sisters in this group, Sister Adama and Sister Wright are become best friends. 
Their first day ended with teaching appointments with some of our best missionaries.
Elder Price and Elder Pulsipher with Elder Bejarano and Elder Gerrard.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Their last 24 hours in the Trujillo Peru Mission

Six Sisters left for home this evening.
Their last 24 hours were full of fun, song, tears, testimonies and love. 
 Sister Smith, Sister Villa, Sister Rochelle and Sister Roach getting ready for Family Home Evening.
 President and Sister Marler sang a medley of children's songs, a family tradition.
 Brother and Sister Richins came to pick up their daughter.
 Sister Smith and her brother, Lathan sang, "Love One Another"
 "Abide with Me" was the beautiful number by our 6 sisters.
Hermana Rochette, Hermana Villa, Hermana Roach, Hermana Richins, Hermana Rodriguez, and Hermana Smith.
 All ready for the slide show, you can view it on the February 21 blog entry,
 The Smith Family spent time proselyting and visiting members, they had a wonderful time.
 Hermana Roach, Hermana Villa and Hermana Richins.
 Hermana Rodriguez, Hermana Rochette and Hermana Villa.
Ice cream for the Smith family.
 A few pictures before entering the airport. 
 Smiles, Teddy Bears and friends.
 Saying good-bye at the airport is such a lovely tradition.  
One I may have to start when I get home.  The missionaries feel the love of those they have grown close to over their mission.

 The Davila Family out to say good-bye to Sister Roach.
Sister Roach will fly to the Miami airport tonight where she will reunite with her twin sister,
who has been serving a mission in Ecuador.  
Tomorrow they will greet their parents, hand in hand.
 Sister Rochette is one of our angels from the Chiclayo Mission.  
One last phone call. 
 Good-bye, we love you, embrace the first day of the rest of your life.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

It's that time again....

We have missionaries leaving tomorrow to return home from the Trujillo Peru North Mission:
Hermana Richette, Hermana Richins, Hermana Roach, Hermana Rodriguez, Hermana Smith, and Hermana Villa
Those who already left, earlier this month were:
Elder Gomez, Elder Farfán, Elder Sotelo
...and our sweet missionaries from the South Mission who left earlier this month were:
Hermana Carrera, Hermana Huata, Elder Gibson and Elder Huatuco.

It is with sadness we see you go, 
yet with great joy for the wonderful people you have become.
We love you and wish you all the best!
May the Lord bless you in all you do.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

5 Weeks Training Meeting with our newest Missionaries

Yes, that is right, it is almost time for transfers again,
so we gather our new missionaries and their trainers together for one last time.
The training is a time to help them in their adjustment to missionary life, 
and how to love and appreciate they companions even more.

Part of the training takes place in small groups with the trainers in one room and 
the new missionaries in another.
 Other parts of the training are all together where we learn doctrine, as well as ideas for teaching better and more effectively.  As representatives of Jesus Christ we want to always be our best, act our best, speak only His words and teach only His doctrine.

 I feel so blessed that the Lord has really helped me with my Spanish, I love teaching with Elder Marshall and Elder Craft, our Assistants.  
I have always loved to teach the doctrines of Christ, and though not fluent or perfect, the Spirit has really blessed me.
 Elder Logan and Elder Mayauta.
 Elder Larossa.

 Here we are together, all of the trainers, trainees, and the Assistants and President and Sister Marler.