Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Missionaries from Trujillo Sur Mission leave for Home

We were able to meet and greet the Sur missionaries as they left for home.
We sure love them all!
 Sister Sosa, Sister Bravo, Elder Bassey, Elder Aguilar, Elder Castillo, Elder Duque, 
Elder McClelland, Elder Pecheco, Elder Allen, Elder McClellan, Elder Angamarca, 
Elder Garcia, Elder Smith, and Elder Vargas.
 There were last hugs, and sharing of great memories.
Elder Pecheco with President Marler, we will sure miss his poems.
 …and a lot of smiles.
 Elder Garcia from Monterey, Mexico…sharing the flag of his mission country.
 Elder Aguilar and Elder Vargas (below) are from Lima, we look forward to seeing them before
we end our mission.  We are already beginning to make plans for a May reunion.

 We love all of the members that come to say good-bye, here a just a few of them.
Members of the Church love the missionaries, and the blessings from
that love is felt each day we serve.
 Elder Pacheco saying good-bye to Elder Angamarca.  
 High fives and hugs!  Elder Angamarca and Sister Marler 
sharing a few minutes before he is off to Bolivia.
 Sister Sosa, leaving for Argentina, with a ward member…all smiles.
 Through the glass, a final wave, this never gets easier.
But this says it all, we love you, and can't wait until the time we gather again.
"'Till we meet at Jesus' feet"

Elder Gonzalez and Family

It was a wonderful treat to have the Gonzalez family in our home.
As they live in the Seattle area, we enjoyed visiting about Washington (Sister Marler's Home State).
 thanks, Sister Gonzalez for the blackberry jam.
You are domestic!!!
 A final hug.
I liked this picture of Elder Gonzalez with his dad and President Marler.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sister Bean heads for home

We only had Sister Bean in the mission for 6 weeks, 
but we sure came to love her.
What a great example of love, compassion and great missionary spirit.
 Several missionaries stopped by the mission home to say good-bye.
 Her companions, Sister Maydana and Sister Cervantes, were hoping she would never leave.
 We went to the temple, and took a few last pictures, then it was off to the airport.
A great save by Elder Heward and she made it on the plane!
 Sister Brogan, Sister Abando, Sister Rosado, Sister McCally, Elder Cogollo, Elder Larrosa, Elder Vimahi, Elder Morales, Sister Marler, Sister Bean, President Marler, Elder Rareba and Elder Jensen.
A beautiful young woman in front of a beautiful temple, then it was off the the airport,
an end to a beautiful mission.  

Elder Heward turns 21

I wish that we were able to be with each missionary on their birthday, but time, 
distance, and sheer numbers of missionaries prevent that.
We do however call each one on the birthday, and 
once in awhile we celebrate with style.
 Sister Vaughan made Elder Heward his favorite, Cheesecake, one regular and one with Chocolate.
 Here we go with one of those Peruvian traditions, Elder Heward 
taking a bite out of his birthday cake.
Super Happy Birthday, Elder Heward, thanks for your tireless efforts on behalf of
all of our missionaries.  Without you we would have missionaries without documentation, sick missionaries, no RCE's, the list is endless... you are terrific!

Lunch with some of our Senior Missionaires

With the Trujillo Temple Open we now have a number of Senior Missionaries.  
Some got together for lunch on their P-day.
 Sister and Elder Nield, Sister and Elder Haws, President and Sister Marler, Sister and Elder Hartman,
Sister and Elder Fackrell, and Sister Vaughan and Sister Angell.
The Nield's, Haw's, and Hartmans serve in the temple.
The Fackrell's serve as Member Support Missionaries in The Casa Grande Zone.
Sister Vaughan and Sister Angell serve in the office as Secretaries.
 Next time we hope all of the couples can join us.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Interviews with the Esperaza Zone

Sister Angell and Sister Vaughan give English lessons to every missionary in every zone.
For our English speakers, they teach them how to help their companions speak better English.
 Elder Sotelo and Elder Higuera arrive for their interviews. 
 Sister Marler teaching the how to use the promptings of the Spirit while teaching and finding.
"We can't do it alone, we need the Holy Ghost to be with us
if we are to invite people to come unto Christ." 

Elder Casco, Sister Sequera and Sister Tonga look at the "Blog Book" 
of the last 6 months of the "Mision Trujillo Peru" Mission.

A Day at the Temple, Cajamarca Norte and Central Zones

One of the great blessings we enjoy is to have our missionaries attend the
temple every few months.  
During this transfer cycle, we are having every zone visit the temple.
We make and effort to talk about the blessings that come to those who visit the temple as often as possible.
We have studied the 109 section of the Doctrine and Covenants,
and understand more and more about the temple. 
Zone Leaders from the Central Zone, Elder Phelps and Elder Ricapa.

Elder Preece, Elder Bond and Elder Delgado enjoying a little time together.
Hermana Torres and Hermana Sanchez are happy to visit the temple.

Hermana South, Elder Terry, Hermana Richins and Hermana Blackburn.
What beautiful Sisters we have in this mission!

Sister Baldeon and Sister Gutierrez are all smiles. 

 Hermana Roach, Hermana Haro and Hermana Tupe, framed by the gardens.
Sister Coleman and Sister Nielsen.

Sister Oteo and Sister Messina from the Cajamarca Norte Zone.

 Sister Blackburn, Sister South and Sister Roach, so nice to gather with friends at the temple.
 Sister Maskovich and Sister Mezzei.
 Hermana Gamboa and Hermana Rochette after the long ride from Cajamaca enjoy the temple, 
and beautiful temple grounds.
 Hermana Richins, Hermana South, Hermana Thruston, Hermana Blackburn and Sister Beasley.

A Weekend in The Guadalupe District

President Marler and the Assistants went to the Guadalupe District for some
meetings on August 7 & 8.  
 The Jave family hosted them to a wonderful dinner in their home.
 And of course after the meetings, President was able to take some wonderful pictures of our missionaries in this zone.
 Sister Villa, sister Yujra, Sister Acosta and Sister Tomanguillen.

Sister Mason, Sister Aranguran and Brother Alexis our ever faithful secretary.
Elder Mallea, Elder Smith, Elder Manley,and  Elder Dykstra.
Elder Coca, Elder Olsen, Elder Ramirez and Elder Olsen (2).

 Hermana Peel and Hermana Butikofer.
Elder Herrera, Elder Males and Elder Alles.

 View out of the hotel window, pretty, ¿No?
Traveling Peruvian style on the top of a sugar cane truck.
It kind of looks like a mullet doesn't it?