Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ode to Elder Boekweg

Now you may be wondering why this blog is entitled, Ode to Elder Boekweg.  I has been his one desire to go to the Andes and nestle in among the Llamas, Alpacas, sheep and pigs.  
He went up to Otuzco for a Zone Conference, but the medicine man got sick and went back home.
This is what he missed!
I hope you all enjoy seeing a little of the Peru countryside.
Waterfall on the way to Otusco
there had been torential downpours and there were waterfalls everywhere

This little girl was riding up the highway on a burro, I couldn't resist taking her picture

Another waterfall

Elder Antuña, Elder Zavaleta and Sister Marler at 12,000 feet

Same elevation with the President

Literally on top of the world...

While Elder Antuña, Elder Zavaleta and I hiked up the mountain, President contacted a vigilante for Claro Telephone and he is interested in having the missionaries visit his home in Huamachuco.

Our new friend explains what he does for a living

A beautiful butterfly

A little girl dancing in the streets of Huamachuco

We had hopes of going to the Markahuachaco ruins, but a mud slide changed our plans

But look at the gorgeous view of Hamachuco from up above

Here President Marler is helping a lady find her child's shoes in the mud.  

Meanwhile Sister Marler washed off the little girl in the mud puddle

Elder Zavaleta and Elder Atuña with a giant Cuy

President Marler Posing with a Llama

Just a lady walking her sheep down by the river

We couldn't resist this cute little pig, playing hide and go seeks with us.

and some sheep along the river banks
After Church on Sunday, we took a picture of the Huamachuco Branch.  It was a beautiful day.

Here we are with Elder Mollo

…and here with Elder Harris

Sister Romero and Sister Wisa love their new little friend

On the way home, we saw a couple of herds of Alpacas.  

So we got out in the 8 degree weather (it is the Andes, don't be so surprised)  and walked among  the Alpaca…aren't they so cute!!!

…and this darling little baby

…and here with his mama

A big male looks over the herd.

The Alpaca Family, Dad, Mom and Junior

Here the Assistants are, begging to be adopted by the family of Alpadas.

This is a tent city…these houses are made of a blue tarp over some cut tree trunks

This is a picture of a Palas Celolu- a tree that has gifts on it.  The men dance around with machetes and and take one chop at the tree.  When the tree falls everyone rushes in to get a gift…watch out fore the machetes!  The one who actually makes the final chop before the tree falls has to purchase the gifts and provide the party for the community the following fiesta.   It must have been some festival day yesterday as we saw two of these trees in the small mountain communities.  We were invited to participate and dance with them, but the amount of cerveza flowing and the machetes kept us at a distance. 
and then one more waterfall
We sue loved our weekend in the Sierra
What a lovely way to spend a weekend 

Zona Sierra!

Andes Mountains outside of Huamachuco
Elder Vera, Harris, Mollo, and Endicott 

Elder Nelson, Elder Boekweg, Elder Leavitt, and zone leaders Elder Dority and Elder Bravo

Zone Leaders giving a training

Zona Sierra at its finest

Hermanas from Zona Sierra, Hermana Gonzalez, Romero, Wisa and Sarat

Lunch near the Plaza de Armas

On our way home we found two herds of Alpaca roaming the Andes.  Isn't this guy cute!  I don't think he is used to Gringo women in high heal boots taking his photo.

Isn't this the cutest baby Alpaca you have ever seen…

Esperanza, Casa Grande and Viru gather for Multi Zone Conference

We had a great day with the Esperanza, Viru and Casa Grande Zones...

Here is the entire group listening to President Marler's Presentation

Hermana Carbone shares her comments 
Elder Claros, Elder Pequeño, Hermana Carbone, and Hermana Huayton
Esperanza Zone Leaders Elder Brown, and Elder Marchant (that is Elder Bond in the corner )

some of the Elders from Casa Grande

Zona Casa Grande enjoying the meeting with  Zone leaders Elder Oyarzo and Elder Shimp