Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Elder and Sister Fackrell arrive in the Trujillo Mission

We have had Sister Jeffery serve in the same mission as her dad, Elder Jeffery
and now
we have Elder and Sister Fackrell, serving in the same mission as their son, Elder Fackrell.
I believe some families must have super strong ties 
to the people of the Trujillo Peru Mission.
 The Fackrell's arrive this morning at 7:25!
 Welcome back to Trujillo. 
 Here is a picture of the last time the Fackrell's were at the mission home, October of 2013, 
when they came to pick up their son, Elder Jacob Fackrell. 
 Elder Fackrell, back row, next to Sister Marler.  
Elder Fackrell was our Personal Secretary when we arrived in the mission.  How time flies!
We are so happy to have another Couple in the mission, they will be serving in the 
Casa Grande Stake.
Anyother parents or grandparents, ready to serve, please let us know, we would love to have you!

Monday, February 23, 2015

District Leaders receive training

We held a special training for the District Leaders throughout the mission.  
Elder Leavitt, the District Leader, for the "office zone", presented the basics of planning a 
great District Meeting and meeting the needs of the members of the district. 
The Assistants taught the importance of using the indicators in planning, understanding the indicators better,  and how to really understand 
the importance of how this relates to each person you are teaching.

President Marler
Elder Bacerra and Elder Diaz.
Elder Buehner, Elder Cruz and Elder
Elder Varrenti and Elder Andia, were in this tighter!
District leaders in Trujillo, Viru, and Casa Grande.
Sister Marler and Elder Platino
Elder Aropaza, Elder Cuevas and Elder Tarazona.
Elder Bacerra, Elder Cruz and Elder Diaz. 
Elder Leavitt and Elder Tway with their "short" companion Elder Boekweg.
Not sure why Elder Boekweg does something funny in every picture, 
or makes a funny face....
...but Becky Boekweg, this one is for you, it wasn't easy, but I got this terrific smile!!!
District Leaders in Chimbote and Casma zones.
Great days, great training, great leaders!

The Gardner Family Sweetheart Dinner

After 38 years of friendship, I earned an invitation to the Gardner Girls family Sweetheart Dinner.  
This coveted annual event brings a family together for an evening of fun games and wonderful food.
This year Sister Angell and Sister Vaughan hosted for a few couples.
We started the evening with an appetizer, none better in all Peru.
A cheese dip by the Garder Sisters, pictures below.

We all had to cut valentines blindfolded, a bit tricky, 
thank goodness this doesn't reflect how much we love our spouses. 

 The Smith's, Fenn's, Padilla's and Marler's had a wonderful evening.
The highlight was the dessert judging contest.  The rules were that the husband had to make the dessert and "sell his product" to the hungry crowd.
We had Chocolate cookies by Elder Padilla and a Norwegian Cookie by Brother Fenn.
There was also a strawberry cake and heart shaped chocolate chip cookies by 
couples who didn't read the rules.
We will work on that for next year.

Happy Zone Leaders

We put all of the big events on the blog page.  But our mission is made of up many wonderful missionaries,  some have assignments that put them in the lime light more often than others.
Here is a picture of two of our excellent Zone Leaders with the Assistants.
Elder Gonzalez and Elder Bernuey, thanks for all of your hard work!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Baptism last Saturday

Elder Endicott and Elder Gibson in Viru sent me these pictures from the baptism 
of Brother Alan from Chanquin.

Bienvenidos a la iglesia, Hermano Alan!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Little Service By Elder Allen and Elder Walther

Missionaries love to serve, they serve their community, they serve the people they are teaching, they serve the mission president and his wife, they serve their Bishop and ward members.

Elder Allen and Elder Walther, demonstrate a great service they performed in their area.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

So tell us how wonderful your first 6 weeks were!

We usually hold a meeting with our new missionaries and their trainers 
after they have been in the mission for 5 weeks.  
We find out how they are all doing, if they need any help with areas.
 Elder Brown, Elder Haacke and President Marler
 Elder Rivera, Elder McClellan and Elder Muñoa.
 Hermana Beasley, Hermana Mazzei and Hermana Alfara enjoy the training.
 Elder Jimimez and Elder Palacio, all smiles…it was Elder Palacio's birthday!
Hermana Nielsen and Hermana Gutierrez.

 Elder Alcazar, Elder Muñoa, Elder Ludueña,  Elder Contreras, and Elder Rivera.
 Elder Coca, Elder Cabezas, Elder McClellan, Elder Boekweg, Elder Muñoa, and Elder Diaz.
Elder Diaz, Elder Jimenez, Elder Meza, Elder Palacio, Elder Vera, Elder Cruz, 
Elder Muñoa, and Elder Alcazar
 Hermana Beasley, Hermana Nielsen, Hermana Gutierrez, Hermana Mazzei,
 Hermana Alfaro, and Hermana Lopez.
Elder Padilla and Elder Cano became everyone's favorites as they handed out the pizzas…was that Elder Padilla who ate those jalapeños in one bite?????????

New Missionaries Meet Their Trainers

 The new missionaries met their trainers on Tuesday afternoon.  
There is always so much excitement in the air as they await the moment to get together 
then go to their area to get to work!
 Elder Campos with his trainer, Elder Thorpe.
 Elder Salinas with his trainer, Elder Valcarcel.
 Elder Volquez and his trainer, Elder Jackson.
 Elder Lagrava and his trainer, Elder Allen. 
 Hermana Cervantes and her trainer, Hermana Nuñez.
 Elder Soliz and his trainer, Elder Marshall.
 Elder Mendez and his trainer Elder McEwan.
 Elder Medrano and his trainer, Elder Newmann.
 Elder Dorado and his trainer, Elder Higera.
 Elder Arenas and his trainer, Elder Welch.
 Elder Alanoca and his trainer, Elder Tirado.
 Hermana Morales and her trainer, Hermana Pineda.
 Hermana Malara, trainer for Hermana Fernandez. 
 Hermana Pineda and Hermana Morales discussing their first evening of teaching.
Everyone went right to work, planning their first few days together. 
 Elder Newmann and his companion, Elder Medrano studying for their first night proselyting.
 and of course, ice-cream sundaes for all!
Elder Marshall, a happy trainer.