Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Our Newest Missionaries come together after 5 weeks

Every 6 weeks we have missionaries that leave and come into the Trujillo Mission, 
We get together after 5 weeks and provide additional training and just spend a little time with good friends.
By 5 weeks the new companionships are working well together and have become good friends.  The new missionaries are speaking Spanish and the Trainers have learned enough English to really help their companions learn to be better missionaries.  
 Sister Marler taught a lesson on having Christ-like friendships with their companions.
D&C 84:77
"And again I say unto you, my friend, for from henceforth I shall call you friends, "
What a great honor it is to be a friend of Christ's, and to then show forth the same type of love to others.

 Elder Brown and Elder Antuña presented the objective of a missionary and helped all to understand their role more fully, as a missionary.  
 We spend time practicing sharing the message of Christ, and inviting people to come unto Him.

 President Marler taught the doctrines of Christ and how to apply them as missionaries.
 …and of course there is time for lunch and visiting with friends.

 With our two new companionships of Senior Missionaries we are seeing a real change in the mission.  The love they have for the missionaries, the wisdom they bring and the example they set is exemplary. We are so glad to have Elder and Sister Padilla, Sister Vaughan and Sister Angell with us.
The other cute couple is Richard and Jacky, owners of the Gringo Loco Restaurant and favorite caterers for our meetings.

 The North American "News" gathered with their group for a photo…there were so glad to see each other after a few weeks in the mission field, they enjoyed sharing their experiences of the last few weeks with each other. 
Elder Herrera, Elder Galarza and Elder Cheal chat about the Sierra Zone.
 Elder Marchant, Elder Antuña, Elder Johnson, Elder Brown and Elder Quispe.
Elder Pre, Elder Caldrson and Elder Coayla.
Great day, great training, great friends!