Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Multi Zone Conference, Central, Porvenir and Laureles

It is always a wonderful treat to meet with all of our missionaries for Multi-Zone Conferences.

Laureles Zone
Zone Leaders, Elder Martinez and Elder Barrios

Porvenir Zone
Zone Leaders, Elder Ferriera and Elder Calvas

Central Zone
Zone Leaders, Elder Smith and Elder Huayhuapuma
Elder Smith and Elder Huayuapuma demonstrate a lesson on obedience to the laws of God with Elder Solarzano

Elder Smith and Elder Huayuapuma are excellent teachers
 Our missionaries are happy, exceptional young adults.  Young men and women from all over the western hemisphere who chose to donate 2 years of their lives in service to the Lord. 
Elder Bates, Elder Tarazona,  Elder Sato, Elder Huatuco, Elder Iturralde, Elder LLoyd 

Elder Cheal and Elder Cowley

Hermana Paiva and Hermana Assef

Elder Alvaro, Elder Retamal and Elder Leon

Elder Porter, Elder Solarzano and Elder Antuña

Hermana Gallardo, Hermana Calle, Hermana Alzamora, Hermana Jolley

Elder Martinez, Elder Retemal, Elder Alvaro, Elder Barrios, Elder Smith, Elder Leon

Hermana Boody, Hermana Sosa, Hermana Bedoya, Hermana Allred, Hermana Jolley

Not only do our missionaries learn to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the world, but they learn about the principles he taught, the parables he taught….
Elder Barrios, Elder Martinez, Elder Chacon

and they try to live their lives as close to His example as possible.
Sister Watkins sharing some insights

Elder Sato sharing a scripture passage
 And as wheat is the staff of life, we eat a little pizza every now and then.

…another great day in Paradise!