Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A day trip to Casa Grande Zone

Elder Carder was surprised by a visit by Sister Marler,  Elder Leavitt and Elder Antuña.
and his room was spotless!
Elder Carder and Elder Aroapaza are in Chicama.
Elder Aroapaza shows us the area where he serves.
Cute picture in Casa Grande, a moto taxi filled with greens.
We then visited Sister Carrera and Sister Ascencio in Chiclin, 
I just loved the beautiful gardens around the yards. 
The Sisters display the English Vocabulary words they are working on.
In Cartavio we visited Elder Hernandez and Elder Weber…look at that clean, beautiful room. 
Elder Leavitt was especially happy to visit Cartavio, where he was "born and raised."
Here are a few beautiful flowers in the gardens of Cartavio. 

Now this was an interesting job, this man sits in the box and waits for cars and trucks to come down the road. He then stands up and turns the light so that the cars know they have a green light. If you see the back of the box, you have to stop and wait for the other car to pass.  I got out and talked to the worker for awhile and thanked him for keeping our roads safe!
Here is a Huaca from the year 300 b.c., right beside the road.

Elder Diaz in Casa Grande, has pictures of his mom and dad when they were on missions.  
The bottom right picture is Elder Diaz.
This is Elder Dority's desk, love that flag. 
Here we have Elder Leavitt, Elder Dority, Elder Ashcroft, Elder Price, Elder Coca, 
and in front, Elder Diaz, and Elder Antuñia. 
Casa Grande Zone had the cleanest rooms in the mission this week!