Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Monday, October 13, 2014

What do you do with grandchildren in Peru?

We have been asked, "what did you do with your grandchildren in Peru?"
So I decided to share with you our week together with Brian, Tiffany and their family.
We received millions of hugs and had someone sitting on our lap all of the time.

We had dinner with 11 missionaries and played the "cup game" together. 

 We rode on buses, and shared the same seat.
 Bryce and Chace played Paper, Rock, Scissors with Sister Grow.
 We went down slides, and played in playgrounds.
 We walked to parks, and played, and played.
 We played on the teeter-totter.
 We climbed atop Huacas,
 …and saw the temple.
 We saw horses, sheep, dogs (hundreds of dogs), cats and donkeys.
 Brynnly directed music for one of our meeting with the 19 new missionaries, and shared her testimony.
 We introduced our family and shared our hobbies, only this time it wasn't just in a slide show.
We really introduced part of our sweet family.
 Brooklyn sang and Bryce read a scripture, to help in one of my talks.
 They helped to train missionaries.
 And played pictionary to help our new Latin Missionaries speak English!
 We visited the Huaca at El Brujo and saw a real mummy.
 We visited Chicama beach and saw the longest, left breaking wave in the world (too cold to swim however).
 …and is wouldn't be a Marler vacation if we didn't look for lizards and crabs.
 We all walked on the beach, collected shells and rocks and climbed sand dunes. 
Bryce lost his second front tooth…and the tooth fairy found Trujillo, Peru! 
We went to the zoo to see the Alpaca, but this time
they let us inside the zoo cages and we got to feed the Alpaca.
Brian and the kids went sand-boarding…don't waste your money, very slow ride!
 Here we are enjoying the view at Conache Lagoon, this was a beautiful place to have a picnic.
 Brynnly, Chace and Bryce played a great game of soccer with the Elders in our backyard.
 After dinner, there was time for Elder Winterton to lose a game a checkers to Bryce,
…and Elder Leavitt gave Brooklyn lessons on taking the medical calls for him. 
Finally, we were on the way to the airport, Mom and Dad rode with Grandpa in the car
and Grandma took a moto-taxi with the kids…one last memory.
It was a wonderful week, thanks to all of the missionaries who played with Brian, Tiffany, and our grandkids,
and let them share in the mission experience.
They love you all, and they had a great time.
Brian, Tiffany, Brynnly, Bryce, Chace and Brooklyn, thanks for coming!