Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Monday, February 9, 2015

Missionaries Returning Home

Here we are again, another 6 weeks have passed and 17 of our missionaries are returning home after valiantly serving the Lord.  Those leaving include:
Sister Alzamora, Sister Estrada, Sister Farley, Sister Gonzalez, Sister Gutierrez, Sister Jeffery and Sister Mathis  Elder Cachique, Elder Diaz, Elder Fernanadez, Elder Flores, Elder Valencia, Elder López, Elder Rittscher, Elder Rodriguez, Elder Rybertt, and Elder Sanchez.

Sister Gonzalez, Sister Alzamora, Elder Flores and Elder Cachique

 Everyone getting comfortable while waiting for Family Home Evening to start.
 Elder Rybertt, Elder Diaz and Elder Cano (Jeffery family in back row)
 Brother Mathis, Sister Gutierrez, Sister Farley
is that an Elder Castillo Spotting!  Yep right by Elder Rittscher.
Just dropping by after the Temple Dedication Choir Practice.
 Elder Flores, Elder Valencia, Elder Garcia, Elder Sanchez and Elder Rittscher.
 Elder Valencia and Elder Sanchez
A musical number by our hermanas:
From lefts Sisters, Gutierrez, Farlery, Jeffery, Mathis, Estrada, Alzamora and Gonzalez.
 From left: Elders Lopez, Cachique, Fernandez, Flores and Garcia.
Elder Rodriguez, played a little number on the guitar. 
Elder Rybertt and Elder Rodriguez, one last time.
Elder Diaz our human music stand.