Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Sunday, February 1, 2015

A week in review with our Family!

First things first, Grandpa showed AJ and Riley all of the missionaries in the Trujillo Mission. 

 Then a little relaxation.  It was great to spend a day at Chicama With the Graff Family.
 AJ and Riley played in the surf.
 They found sand crabs and other "sea creatures," like 30 legged sea stars, baby shark, limpid, and thousands of crabs.  Our walks were great.
 Riley conducted the mandatory castle building activity.
 Everyone enjoyed visiting El Brujo, the Huaca near Casa Grande.  This Moche temple dates back to 100 years after Christ.  Could the Nephites and Lamanites have built this?
 So close to the see and unprotected, the paintings still survive.
Note the outline of graves in the background. 
The oldest mummy (a queen) was found here only 9 years ago.  
You can see here in the museum.
 Riley dresses as the Lady of Cao and AJ as her king.
Final sand castle of the trip.
We attended a baptism and sang a special musical number…

We attended a Luau at the Laureles Stake.  

 Then we visited the Zoo in Esperanza but we didn't get to go inside this time,
the zoo keeper was out to lunch.
AJ, Arnie and Kim played soccer with the Missionaries…AJ even made a goal

 We went to the Horse Show, Riley loved it…she clapped, sang and yelled "Bravo"

 Afterwards we had a group picture with the dancers and riders...
 A.J. and Riley rode the Paseo Horses…and loved it.

…and Riley gave us several concerts,

6 in a moto taxi…Graff's and Marler's know how to roll!
 Then all too soon we were back at the airport,
Time to return home.
a final hand touch through the glass with Grandma,
and final stories before bedtime with Grandpa…through the crack in the glass, of course.
and the final waves.
Yo Soy Trujillano
They are natives now!
We had a great time, we love you…thanks for coming.