Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Peruvian Ruins, Family Style

I love the ancient ruins within our mission boundaries,
what a great family experience.
I thought I would share
A little tour of the various Huacas (Temples) of the Moche and Chimu in the Trujillo area.
Parents always ask what they can do when they come pick up their 
sons and daughters from the mission.
My first answer is always prostyle with them, 
and here are a few historical options.
 Gunnar shows off the nets of Chan Chan in the back ground.
The Chimu built the City of Chan Chan.
The temple here, was used for various ceremonies.
 We spent a lot of time comparing original sculptings with the restored ones.  There is an original Chimu Pelican. 
 Always time for a photo with a friend, Gunnar with Elder Romero.
 Michael being tall with Elder Bond and Elder Haacke.
With little help!
 A photo of a selfie, or groupie, surrounded by the walls of Chan Chan.
 Some of the decorative walls of Chan Chan.
 Jorden and Gunnar, trying to push each other off the ledge.

 Time to measure hands and see if Michael is the same size as Grandma. 
 One of the corridors within Chan Chan.
 Axel within the acoustical walls of Chan Chan.
 Wooden states found in the ruins, oh wait that is Elder Romero.
 This Huaca is in Villa del Mar, right next to Parque Eterno Cemetery.
As of yet this temple is not excavated.
 ...but Axel found some excavating tools, he found some pottery shards and adobe bricks.
Maybe he will become an archeologist.
 The Campbell's enjoyed Huaca de Cao, at the Brujo complex.
Here you can see the paintings of the Moche people.
Some dating from the time of Christ.
The museum here at the complex is excellent with a mummy, the woman ruler of Cao.
Complete with the ceremonial clothing she was buried in, gold, textiles and tools.
 Next to the Cao Huaca and museum is a very seldom visited Huaca, El Brujo.  
It has an opening with what appears to be sepulchers.  
On the back side we found pottery shards and bones from probably an 
ancient grave yard.  
This temple, though un-excavated, dates back to 100b.c. to 300a.d.
 A picture of the huaca from the road.  You would never know what treasures 
you can find on the other side by the looks of it, can you?.
There are some great museums for families as well, in Trujillo the National Archeological museum has items from many of the civilizations of Peru.
A highlight is a mummy, kids love mummies.
There is also a museum filled with artifacts, under the gas station at the downtown over pass.
Actually one of my favorites.