Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mission Leadership Council- new Zone Leaders

We had a marvelous day with our Mission Leadership Council.  I am amazed by the strength, spirituality, and maturity of those who sit our this Council.  I am the one who has their testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ strengthened each time I meet with them.  

Sister Marler gave a presentation on strengthening our testimonies, and helping others to really become converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  She taught how to help strengthen the testimony of others.   
A testimony is a witness of something that you know to be true.  

Elder Mollo and Elder Fernandez gave a wonderful presentation on working with Stake Presidents and leadership.  

Elder Zavaleta and Elder Antuña talked about the progression of a great lesson and had everyone practice.  

Everyone just loves the time they have together to try to principles that are taught.  


President Marler taught about how to share your testimony and teach with power of the Holy Ghost.  He also talked about how to have strong companionships. With strength in our companionships, we are effected teachers.

He also gave training on working effectively with Church leaders, such as our Stake Presidents.

We found a fun way to announce our new zone leaders.  Colorful balloons were popped with messages inside…telling every new Zone Leader and Sister Leader Trainer who their new companion is and what zone they will be working in.  
 Elder Zacharias, Elder Brown, Elder Marchant and Sister Huayton getting ready to pop the balloons.

Elder Haake, reads his name and new zone….

Sister Paiva with her new companion Sister Gonzales, and Sister Calle…
Zona Central
Elder Zacharias, Zona Laureles

Elder Alfaro, Zona Viru

Elder Haake with his new companion, Elder Dow, Zona Palermo

Sister Huayton, Zona Esperanza

Elder Boekweg, Zona Sierra

Sister Lasike, Zona Casa Grande

Sister Watkins with her new companion Sister Connors,  Zona Porvenir

Sister Evans, Zona Chimbote Sur

 Elder Barrios and Elder Zacharias practicing with Sister Alzamora and Sister Bedoya

Sister Lasike with Elder Dority and Elder Oryarzo