Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Casa Grande and Central Multi Zone Conference

Multi Zone conferences are a wonderful time to gather and hear important messages that will uplift and inspire our missionaries.  

For this series of conferences, our central theme is the uniqueness of our message and the reasons why someone would want seek to learn about the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.
As always, we have time for extremely spiritual moments and well as time for a little fun.
Here the missionaries play a Preach My Gospel game to find passages about the Book of Mormon. 

 There are always people who enjoy the games more than others, President Marler doesn't get to play often, but when he does, he really puts his heart and soul into it.
 Elder Contreras and Elder Lloyd organized the Olympic event...
 Elder Flores loved winning his cookies…
we just hope he shared them with his new companion, Elder Weber.…