Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mission Leadership Council…July 2014

The Mission Leadership Council meets every month
the council is made up of all the Sister Trainer Leaders and Zone Leaders
 Sister Calle, our mission nurse, taught us how to care for our backs and necks.  We need to keep health and fit to be great missionaries who walk miles and miles each day.
 President Marler and the Assistants provided training on various subjects
 Sister Marler taught about the Saviors love and how we can emulate him 
and be better friends to all we meet
 Sister Evans and Sister Allred played a beautiful medley on the piano and violin. This will be our last musical number by Sister Allred, as she will be retuning home in 2 weeks
 Sister Calle, Sister Gonzales and Sister Balcaza
A few of the Elders (clockwise from left) Elder Bravo, Elder Cortez, Elder Mollo, Elder Guerra, Elder Alfaro, Elder Antuña, Elder Dority, Elder Almonocid, Elder Rittscher, and center, Elder Nelson

 Sister Bedoya, Sister Almonocid, Sister Carbone and sister Huayton enjoy the beach activity

 Waiting for their turn to bat…Elder Rotolo is the catcher, Sister Watkins the Umpire, while Elder Haake, Elder Garcia, Elder Mollo, Sister Calle and Sister Childers look on
 Sister Evan ready to run to 2nd base, Elder Garcia [;aus 1st base
 Elder Boekweg, Elder Wengert, Elder Winterton and Elder Rittscher find crab hunting more interesting than the ball games
 Sister Watkins and Sister Connors one last pose before Sister Connors heads for home
 Elder Zacharias, Elder Diaz and Elder Cortez, practice for the Mundial 2018
 Sister Pullan and Sister Evans go for the Frisbee in our ultimate frisbee game...
 This Ultimate Frisbee is one fun, fast game!

President Marler was one of the stars of the game
 Sister Lasike enjoyed a little Ukulele time at Huanchaco

Sister Lasike, Sister Marler and Sister Gonzalez
 Nope Elder Fernandez did not get hurt, he just likes getting an each ride 
from Elder Rybert and Elder Rodriguez
 Elder Rybert, Fernandez, Rodriguez, Sister Bedoya, Carbone and Elder Garcia

Elder Mollo and Elder Rittscher
 Elder Bramble, Elder Dority and Elder Winterton getting in a few back flips on the sand

Sister Poma and Sister Grow made a miniature Trujillo Sand Temple 
 Last Leadership Council Meeting for Elder Mollo, Elder Almonocid, Sister Allred, Sister Connors and Sister Poma, they are bound for home in 2 weeks

 Thanks for the great day, we loved every minute...