Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Missionaries Arrive

We have had a wonderful experience welcoming our new missionaries to the Trujillo Mission
We have 14 new Elders and 4 new Sisters
13 from the United States
2 from Argentina
1 from Chile
1 from Australia
1 from Germany
2 Elder Prices 
2 Elder Pulsiphers
 Sister Gutierrez was the first one out of the airport
and here they all come!!!
Elder Cowley shouts, "we finally made it to Trujillo!"
 Elder Terry, Elder Weber, Elder Boren, Elder Jackson, Elder Ashcroft and Elder Price
The bus to take 18 missionaries, the assistants, Elder Cuno and President and Sister Marler cancelled at the last minute.  So Elder Leavitt, whom we refer to as Super Secretary after this, found us a cute little van, Sister Marler's car and a taxi for the extra luggage and we were off to the mission home.
 Elder Pusipher, Elder Boren, Elder Heward
 Elder Jackson, Elder and Elder Ashcroft
We stopped by the temple on our way to the mission home, everyone loves to see the temple
Back: Elder Antuña, Elder Ashcroft, Elder, Elder Simper, Elder Cowley, Elder, Elder Heward, President Marler, Elder Price, Elder Jackson, Elder Cook
Front: Hermana Gutierrez, Hermana Maskovich, Hermana Herrera, Hermana Matafeo, Elder Boren, Elder , Elder Muguerza, Elder Pulsipher, Elde
Elder Weber, Elder Simper, and Elder Cowley with President Marler
 Elder Pulsipher, Elder Price and Elder Price
 Elder Price, Elder Cowley and Elder Heward (long day!)
I don't think we mentioned that the missionaries had to wake up at 4:00am to catch a 9:00am flight
Some were pretty tired
Elder Heward, Elder Cowley, Elder Cook, and Elder Pulsipher
We played a game in Spanish to start learning some new vocabulary

Elder Boren, Elder Weber, Elder Simper, and Elder Ashcroft…
This is what it is all about, Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and inviting other to partake of His merciful, atoning gift.
Welcome and training by Elder Zavaleta and Elder Antuña
We then invited the new trainers to join us and we introduced everyone to their companions
We had some great moments, as companions met each other for the first time

Elder Cook with his new companion Elder Benitez

Trainer, Elder Coca and Elder Pulsipher
Hermana Herrera and her trainer, Hermana Cossio

Elder Pulsipher and his trainer Elder Ccama

Elder Boren with his trainer, Elder Smith
Elder Simper with his trainer, Elder Callapa

Elder Price with his trainer, Elder Preece

Elder Muguerza with his trainer, Elder McLellan
Hermana Gutierrez with her trainer, Hermana Sosa

Elder Cowley with his trainer, Elder Cowley (this is not a typographical error)

Trainer, Elder McLelland and Elder Heward
Elder Price with his trainer, Elder Huaylla

Elder Ashcroft with his trainer, Elder Bond

Trainer, Elder Fernandez and Elder Terry
Trainer, Elder Flores with Elder Weber

Elder Jackson and his trainer, Elder Tirado (also new district leader)

Hermana Matafeo and her trainer, Hermana Assef
Trainer, Hermana Wayman and Sister Maskovich
A little time for sharing the daily schedule and practicing for a lesson with an investigator
President Marler listens in to a practice lesson with Sister Assef and Sisiter Matafeo
Edler Callapa and Elder Simper
Elder Cook and Elder Benitez
Sister Herrera and Sister Cossio