Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Happy Birthday to Sister Marler!

What a great birthday!  I, Sister Marler turned…well let's just say it is one of the big ones. 
This birthday was pretty extraordinary
Elder Tito Cardenas and his lovely wife stopped by to say hello and announce that they are expecting a baby.
Our first "missionary grand baby"  

We went to the Caballos de Paso program in Trujillo

 This is a musical dance program with horses, and beautiful Peruvian dancing

 Special guest star Elder Jair Castillo dropped in for my birthday…great present, right!
 President Marler couldn't wait to get on the horse.
 Elder Castillo is quite the Caballero!

 We then went to the baptism for Sister Lorena in Esperanza…what a great lady, it was such an honor to share this special day with her.  Elder Bernuy and Elder Perez were two happy missionaires.

When we arrived home the house was dark, the aroma was amazing and then the Elder's sang a excellent rendition of Happy Birthday with Elder Winterton on the Piano!  
We were ushered into the back yard where a theater was arranged, and we watched the most amazing video of 241 missionaries sending birthday wishes in some of the most innovative ways.
I mean really, they are so creative.
The finale was having each of our families singing Happy Birthday, giving birthday wishes, and watching my grandson ride his new bike.
It was a wonderful video, a wonderful day.

Then we were ushered into the house for a  lovely salmon dinner, cooked by our own chef, Elder Cuno.  It was super delicious and for dessert….

 Stawberry shortcake…oh my, I didn't know this existed here in Peru…from scratch from our master chef!  
Thanks to all our our friends, family, and mission family for the kind wishes and sentiments.
It was a perfect day.