Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Leadership Council meets in Trujillo

We started the day with Sister Alzamora's Birthday…great start to an August day!
Elder Harris, Elder Boekweg and Elder Aturima take notes on the President's presentation while
"Pig" looks on, out of Elder Boekweg's backpack
Our leadership council is awesome, they work hard, lead wonderfully and serve valiantly 

Elder Dow, participates in his last Leadership Council
Elder Haake and Elder Valencia (formerly known as Elder Huayapuma) enjoy a chicken dinner
Sister Evans, Sister Redd, Sister Lasike, Elder Wengert, Elder Bramble, Elder Leavitt gather for their American Style lunch...
Elder Dow, Elder Rybert and Elder Bravo, very satisfied!
This is Elder Bravo's last Council Meeting, he goes home this month.

Elder Solarzano, Elder Brown, Elder Diaz and Elder Zavaleta enjoying their lunch.

Elder Oyarzon, Elder Endicott and Elder Rotolo have a last meal at Elder Rotolo's last meal at a Leadership Council.
Elder Bravo and Elder Zacharias

Hermana Gonzalez and Hermana Grow sure like being together!  Get ready to say good-bye, Sister Grow heads for home soon.

Sister Montalvo and Hermana Bedoya go home this cambio as well.  We will really miss these great missionaries.
Elder Aturima and Elder Rodriguez 
Hermana Redd and Hermana Lasike

Hermana Montalvo, Hermana Childers and Hermana Mathis.  This is Sister Childers last Council meeting as well.

Sister Ore and Sister Huayton are some of our new Sister Trainer Leaders.
Our leadership Council at it's finest… 
Elder Diaz and Elder Marchant

Elder Garcia and Elder Solarzano

Sister Mathis, Sister Grow, Sister Gonzalez, Hermana Worlton, and Hermana Pullan, some of our wonderful Sister Trainer Leaders
Hermana Redd, Hermana Childers and not sure about the other two…oh my that is Sister Lasike and Sister Evans!
Elder Valencia, Elder Diaz, Hermana Montalvo, Hermana Carbone, Elder Rybert, Elder Garcia, and Elder Rodriguez…we are so blessed to have such wonderful leaders in our mission!