Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Day 1 in the Trujillo North Mission

So you ask, what is the typical first day in the mission.
We start with breakfast at 7:00am, after a night of very little sleep.
Cereal, Milk, Juice, Fruit and Yogurt, the breakfast of champions.
 After breakfast the new missionaries have a little time to listen to spiritual music, 
and study their scriptures. 
Elder Tarqui, Elder Cantos, Elder Cuellar, Elder Espinosa on the couch, 
with Elder Herde and Elder Wynn behind and Elder Babbel on the piano. 
 We have a welcome and orientation by President and Sister Marler, 
then divide into little groups for mini-classes on various subjects. 
Elder Heward, Elder Romero and Elder Olsen
teach Elder Espinosa, Elder Mendoza and Elder Morote about
mission rules, and mission culture, and how to keep healthy. 
 Here, Elder Tarqui and Cuellar are learning to say the Missionary Purpose in English 
with Sister Angell and Sister Vaughan.
 Every missionary has an interview with President Marler. 
Elder Cantos enjoyed his interview, sharing news of his family, his likes and dislikes. 

 Sister Aldana, Sister Chacon and Elder Alcarraz learn 
about the "Work of Salvation" from Elder Bond.
 Elder Marshall teaches a class on mission rules and norms to Elder Wynn, Elder Babble
and Elder Herde.
 "It all turned out in the end!"
Most positive missionary ever, Elder Marshall.

Then Hermana Esmelda and Hermana Alicia made us Lomo Saltado for lunch...
Elder Babbel gave us a little piano concert.
Elder Cuellar and his trainer, Elder Cabeza.
 Elder Males and his new companion Elder Wynn.
 President Marler talking with Elder Salinas and his companion Elder Babbel.
Sister Angell and Sister Vaughan are all smiles at the meeting for our new missionaries.
President and Sister Marler singing at the training meeting.
 Now this is a great looking group of Elders.
End of a long day, going home to their area (Elder Wynn and Elder Males).
 Elder Espinosa, Elder Alcarraz, Elder Rodriguez, and Elder Mendez
Hermana Aldana and Sister Furness.
As you can see a first day in the mission is a very exciting, busy, full day.