Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Saturday, October 24, 2015

We've Been Here for 6 Weeks!

Time flies very quickly in the mission. 
These fine missionaries have been here in the mission for 6 weeks.
We started our training today with a session in the temple. 

 Elder Smith, Elder Logan, Elder Carman, Elder Parkinson, Elder Peek, Elder Palmer, and Elder Nuñez
 Elder  Capcha, with Elder Dorado and Elder Cuno.
 Elder Bedregal and Elder Paredes.
 Sister Schuyler and Sister Villa.
 Elder Oviatt and Elder Carman.
 Sister Beasley and Sister Olson, now that is pure joy!
 Sister Arroyo, Sister Haro and Sister Salinas, one of our powerful trios.
 Sister Sellan and Sister Rodriguez, followed by Elder Peek and Elder Cuno.
 Sister Peel and Rimachi at the temple with their investigators for a very special lesson.
 Elder Paredes and Elder Capcha.
 Elder Bedregal with President Marler, great teaching moments.
 President Marler asks Elder Nuñez, "if you were God, where would you put the chosen who are
ready to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ?"
 Elder Nuñez and Elder Drescher with President Marler.
 A wonderful meeting, a great spirit, and the best missionaries in the entire world…
right here in the Trujillo Peru North Mission!
From the blog, I am sure it looks like all we do is have meetings and trainings. 
A majority of President Marler's and my time is spent in this manner, with various groups of missionaries.  It is our responsibility to train, assist and bless the lives of the missionaries.
We teach the missionaries skills to help them keep physically, spiritually and emotionally healthy.
…and most important to be great ambassadors for Christ, inviting the Children of God
to come unto Christ and accept his atoning sacrifice for them.
How great is our calling!