Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

1st Day in the Mission Field

The first day in the mission field is filled with excitement, joy, nervousness and a little fear.
We try to make the day cheery and wonderful. 
 A brisk walk to the California Stake Center for our first meeting with the missionaries.

...and they are ready to learn!

Sister Vaughan and Sister Angell are our language acquisition specialists,
They love the progress that our missionaries make in learning new languages.
Sister Olson and Elder Olsen, teach how to adjust to missionary life.
Elder Craft goes over a few of the rules.
 Elder Marshall teaching about the "Obra de Salvation"
and then the moment all await,
meeting their new companion.
Trainer, Elder Nuñez and his companion, Elder McKamey.
Elder Ardaya with his trainer, Elder Gomez.
Trainer, Elder Ramos with Elder Berrocal.
Elder Israel with his trainer, Elder Carman.
 Trainer, Sister Morales and Sister Casteñeda.
 Trainer, Sister Cervantes, with Sister Flores.
 Elder Hunt with his trainer, Elder Garside.
Trainer, Sister Gamboa  with Sister Pattillo
Sister Williams with her trainer, Sister Sellan.
 Elder Turner, with his trainer, Elder Dorado.
 Trainer, Elder Irrazabal and Elder Maddocks.
 Trainer, Elder Lavado with Elder Mead.
Trainer, Elder Limaico with Elder Vásquez.
Elder Valerio with his trainer, Elder Malhue.  
 Elder Zanafria with his trainer, Elder Paredes.
 Sister Gallardo with her trainer, Sister Nielsen.
 Sister Malo (who is very buena), and her trainer, Hermana Messina.
Trainer,  Hermana Alvarenga and her companion, Hermana Soto.
 After a day of training, getting to know your companion and visiting with friends, 
everyone is ready to go to their area!

Have fun, work hard, and we will see you all in a few weeks!