Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Monday, December 21, 2015


Angles come in all shapes and sizes.  
We are promised that if we keep the commandments and our covenants we have made with our Heavely Father we will "angels round about us." 
Sometimes angels are heavenly messengers, we read about them in the Bible, 
they announced the birth of Christ to the Shepherds, 
an angel brought the message of the restored Gospel to Joseph Smith.
Some angels are here on earth, our brothers and sisters in the gospel who reach out
and touch our live, share their love with us and help us to succeed.
This month our lives have been touched by many of these angels and I would like to express my gratitude to them in this blog entry.
Sister Pulsipher, is a mom of one of our missionaries, Elder J. Pulsipher.
Sister Pulsipher organized a missionary mom "tender mercy".
All of our missionaries now have their own temple clothing.
As we took each missionary to the temple last week, each received all the clothing they needed,
they were overwhelmed and truly touched by the generosity of our parents.
I wish I knew each angel by name, but thank you just the same!

The South family and friends also participated in this wonderful "tender mercy" providing
temple clothing for many who would not have the opportunity to purchase them for years.
Thanks to the South Family's Ward, Family and Friends!
Sister Haacke is another of our angels, 
not only did she and her ward purchase temple clothing and send this to us when the temple opened,
but she spent time giving a violin lesson to Elder Leon
in preparation for the Christmas program.  
Elder Leon was fantastic!  Look at that smile.
Sister Angell and Sister Vaughan are our ongoing angels, 
serving here on a full time mission together, these sisters keep everything in order.
They are the secretaries of finances and records, they are in charge of housing for our missionaries,
and the meals we serve at meetings.  
They cook, clean, take Spanish lessons, and most of all love the missionaries and care for
President and I, who could ask for more!
President Marler is another one of our angels, 
he encourages us, teaches us, plays with us and inspires us to be great missionaries.
His love for the Savior, his love for his missionaries, and his dedication to the Gospel of Christ, and most of all his testimony of Jesus Christ
is evident in all he does.
Our amazing Assistants and Secretaries are angels 
(and I include all who have ever served in these assignments)
who keep everything running smoothly,
work endless hours and are shining examples to all of our missionaries.
No one will ever know how hard they work, except us and the Lord.
Thank you, we love you all!
 Our missionaries are angels, they are called here to serve and they give their all to teach the Gospel of Christ.  We love them and love serving with them.  We are amazed by all they can accomplish and how they use their talents in many ways to bring people to Christ. We love you all.
I don't have the space to put pictures of each angel, nor do I have pictures of all of them.
Angels include all of the parents of our missionaries, who pray for all of us, and bless our lives daily.
President Jave, President Fackrell, and Hermano Alexis (The mission presidency).
The People of the Trujillo North Mission, who love us, support us and help in every way.
Our pensionistas who feel and love our missionaries with all of their hearts.
and you...thanks for reading our blog.
Merry Christmas