Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Missionaries Leaving, oh no not again!

Another 6 weeks has passed..... and nobody finished their missions! It was a wonderful day! Then we remembered that it was an 8 week change, and yet again a group of our beloved missionaries are today headed off to bigger and better things, going where the Lord will take them. This group is a big one including Sister Brogan, Sister Coleman, Sister Furness, Sister Mazzei, Sister Nunez, Sister Angell, Sister Vaughan, Sister Tonga, Sister South, Sister Obando, Elder Rareba, Elder Limaico, Elder Morales, Elder Rodriguez, Elder Rios, Elder Morgan, Elder Smith, Elder Cuno........
What wonderful missionaries that have blessed so many lives here. As I converse with the missionaries and hear the stories of conversion and faith it excites me and reminds me how amazing this work of salvation is. I awe seeing the journey that these missionaries have taken and the final product as they stand and bear testimony, such strong, experience based, heartfelt testimony. They have blessed so many! And in so many ways, through all of their God-given talents including music, testimony, teaching, examples, and smiles. The Lord truly is so great. We will ever remember these missionaries and their great contributions to the lives of many. 

Guest Blogger: Elder Olsen (on the right)  Thanks Elder Olsen...this may be his last official duty as an office Elder...he is off to Zona ????  Now that is next weeks blog entry