Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Friday, April 1, 2016

Easter Evening Fireside

On Easter Sunday we had a wonderful Fireside Presentation.
We celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus Christ 
with an evening that included testimonies of Christ,
through the spoken word and music.
Elder Mead, Elder Price, Elder Heward, Elder Carman, Elder Olsen, Elder Morote and Elder Manley
performed "El Cristo Es" (This is the Christ)
Sister Coleman and Sister South played a lovely violin duet with Elder Lavado on the piano.
"Yo Sé que Vive Mi Señor"
President Quiñones, of the Porvenir Stake,  shared his wonderful testimony of the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ.
Sister Schyler and Sister Wright sang a duet, "Sublime Salvador".
Thoughts and testimony of Jesus Christ was shared by President Rabanal of the Central Stake .
Sister Coleman, elder Olsen and Elder Drescher played a piano cello and violin trio, 
of "El Amor de Salvador."
Sinter Pineda Singing "Asombo Me Da"
President Marler bore his testimony of Jesus, and His loveland atoning sacrifice for us. 
The Missionary Choir Sang "I Believe in Christ", "Himno de la Pascua de la Resurrección", 
and "Cristo Ha Resucitado"
President Marler and President Dávila after the program.
Sister Messina and Sister Daleshca Carbajal after the program. 
Sister South and Sister Ramirez with a dear friend.

Brother and Sister Rodriguez (one of our past missionaries) joined us at the program.
Elder Heward, President Marler and President Bravo.  We were so grateful to have President Bravo
 as a friend, and to have him share his thoughts of the Savior with us.
Elder Drescher and Elder Manley.
The team that pulls it all together.  Elder Espinosa who runs the sound board and keeps the entire show running.  Elder Marshall and Elder Craft who set up the facility, and work with the Zone Leaders. Elder Olsen who organized the entire program, helped with practices for the individual groups.  Sister Angell and Sister Vaughan who sing in the choir, support and love the missionaries, and provide food for those who travel. Sister Marler who directs the Trujillo North Mission Choir and President Marler who has found great success in sharing the word of Christ in song and word with the people who live within the Trujillo North Mission Boundaries.  With his vision 1000's have enjoyed these programs immensely.