Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Thursday, April 21, 2016

New Missionaries Arrive

 Missionaries arriving from various parts of the western hemisphere,  
The United States, Ecuador, Columbia, and Argentina. 
Elder Hebert, Elder Klossner and Sister Gallardo touch down in Peru.
In the background, Sister Delgado and Elder Colman.

 Sister Holmes, Elder Quispe, and Elder  Quijandría followed right behind with big smiles, 
and lots of suitcases!
 From left: Elder Logan, Elder Espinoza, Elder Craft, Elder Quispe, Elder Linares, Elder Williams, Elder Quijandría, Elder Elliott, Hermana Gallardo, Elder Garrison, Hermana Tapia, Elder Camposano, Elder Marshall, Elder Klossner, Hermana Holmes, Elder Colman, 
Elder Herbert, Hermana Delgado, Elder Arenas and the Marler's.  
 Sister Sue Miller and Sister Sandy Miller, take a bus ride with the new missionaries, 
New missionaries, themselves, with 1 week in the mission!
Oh, we can see the temple! Can we stop?
A few selfies.
and abrazos fuertes with new friends. 
 Sister Delgado, Sister Tapia, Sister Holmes and Sister Gallardo loved seeing the temple.
 Touching the walls of the House of the Lord.
 A little instruction from President Marler and a welcome to Trujillo.
 Welcome to Mision  Perú Trujillo Norte, we love you!
Almuerzo waiting at home with Hermana Alica and Hermana Esmelda,
and special guest cook, Hermana Olsen our Mission Nurse.