Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Friday, July 1, 2016


We loved having people come to the temple, and to the airport to say good-bye.  
It was wonderful to have a last visit with people and have them share in the 
joy of us having served this wonderful mission.
The despedida is not only a time to say good-bye, but also a time to say "thank you, we love you."
It was wonderful to have Alexis and Paula with us, 
Alexis, Kurt's secretary, has been a very special friend since the first day in the mission.
He has literally been the right hand of the mission to the last 3 presidents, such a blessing.
 President Jave, and his family.
President Jave, has served as Kurt's counselor for the past year (since the reorganization of the mission)
It has been such a joy to work with him and to have his expertise and knowledge of the part of the mission we adopted from the Chiclayo Mission.
 There were a few missionaries teaching lessons at the temple, who stopped by for a last photo op.

 President and Sister Casos were our host and hostess for our last days in the mission.  
Staying at their home was a blessing, to be with friends, to feel like we had a home, not just a hotel.
We pray the Lord will continue to bless them as they serve as the Temple President and Matron.
We pray more people will come to the house of the Lord each day and serve with all their hearts.
 The Placencia-Ortiz Family.  Early on we had the privilege of attending their baptism and after becoming wonderful fiends. We have watched as their family has grown and progressed in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
 President Tapia of the East Stake presented us with the Cerro Bolongo banner, 
we carried it up the huaca, signed it and planted it, consecrating the ground for the work of the Lord with the wonderful leaders of the East Stake. There was a promise made, when we return, we bring the banner and hike again to the top of Cerra Bolongo.
 The Arana Chavarry Family played a very special part in our lives. From the first visit to our home, and an invitation for baptism, we have watched them grow and finally attended the temple with their family a few weeks ago.
 It was also amazing to spend a few last minutes with Sister Marble, she is amazing.
We had an immediate friendship and know that we are just re-united serving our missionaries whom we loved and knew before we came to this earth. 

 Melody Mejia and her mom, Sister Esmelda Hernandez have been my friends since day one. 
Hermana Melody sat my me my first Sunday in the California Ward and we have been friends ever since.  Sister Esmelda is not only a friend, but has helped us at the mission home when having missionaries in the home. 
 Angel and Marisol are truly wonderful friends.  We've learned a little sign language, 
but most importantly we have learned the language of the heart.

 President and Sister Rios, President and Sister Marble, and the Marler's.
 Sister Glenda and Sister Lorena.  
 the South Missoin came out to say was so wonderful to see them all.
 The Lunch Bunch, thanks for including us...we love you all.
The Whitney's, The Haw's, the Fackrell's and the Hartman's,
See you on the other side.

 The Mendez Family, President Mendez served for 2 years as Kurt's counselor.  Sister Maribel Risco de Mendez was my friend, my trainer, and loved our missionaries as much as we did. 
 The Rios' Family.

 Retuned Missionaries Elder Espinosa and Elder Castillo came to visit as well.  
It was marvelous to see them. 
 Our sweet "dream team"...we are going to miss having these sweet elders by our sides 24/7.
The Marble's are so blessed to have the most amazing assistants and secretaries. 
Thank you for all coming to see us, 
we love you all, and look forward to seeing you again.
God be with you.
 For more pictures, see Sister Marler's Facebook page...Kathryn Marler.