Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Missionaries Leaving the Trujillo North Mission - July 11- Slide Show

President and Sister Marler and President and Sister Fackrell
left the mission on Wednesday, July 29.
Yeah! They were a part of a group.  
Before leaving, we had a farewell Family Home Evening for the group leaving on July 11, 
and included pictures of the Fackrell's and Marler's.

Missionaries leaving include: Elder Bishop, Elder Craft, Elder Dykstra Elder Farnsworth, Elder Gubler, Elder Marshall, Hermana Peel, Elder Phelps, Elder Vimahi, Elder Welch, and Elder Wirthlin.
Elder Talbot, our loyal secretary, and ending in the South Mission.
Elder Welch and Elder Wirthlin.
Hermana Fackrell with Hermana Peel.  Nice to have a friend to be with!
Elder Farnsworth and Elder Vimahi.
Here is the entire group that is going home this next two weeks.  Awesome group!
 Elder Marshall and Elder Talbot.
Elder Talbot, Elder Phelps, Elder  Gubler and Elder Vimahi.
Elder Bishop, Elder Arenas, Elder Welch, and Elder Wirthlin.
President and Sister Marler, singing Give Said the Little Stream, one last time.
 the Talbot family in front with
Elder Marshall, elder Craft and Elder Bishop behind.
Elder Phelps, Elder Marshall, Elder Craft and Elder Bishop look over the Talbot family.
Elder Welch, Elder Wirthlin, and behind, Elder Carman, Elder Phelps and Elder Marshall.
President and Sister Fackrell.
Sister Peel, only sweet sister in the group.
Elder Vimahi, Elder Farnsworth and Elder Dykstra.
Elder Dykstra, Elder Gubler, and Elder Welch.