Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Welcome Home Grandpa and Grandma...

We came home to our family at the airport, 
Jenny, Aiden and Elli were the first to greet us, all smiles jumping and so excited.
 There were a lot of emotions, especially as Grandpa looked at his grandchildren, 
3 years older, 3 years wiser and still in love with their Grandpa.
 He had to learn about the teeth they lost, and the new words they can read.
 Jenny re-introduced Grandpa to Brooklyn, who was only 6 months old when we left.
 We met our grandson, Will, who is only 6 months old and hugged our best hugger, Jorden.
 My mother came to greet us as well.  
She was so happy to see us.
 Jacelyn, Will and happy to be with the family.
 Kurt's folks arrived and it was a great reunion.
 Brian, our son, with his Dad.
 Stefany gave us a lot of hugs too.
 Becky was so glad to see her dad.
 Cousins so happy to be together,
this is Brooklyn and Jacelyn.
 Addy and Riley, porters for the Marler luggage.
 Gunnar, Kathy and Norma...all smiles. 
 Grandpa Marler and Brian.
 Tiffany and Will.  So adorable!
 Kurt was so happy just watching and listening the grandkids.
 Blake is so happy, his mom, Kim is at Girls Camp and we can't wait to see her.

 Missing a few sons-in-law who were at work and Kim at girls camp.
 Then we pulled up at JJ and Becky's home and found this surprise.'s time to play.
 Elder Craft, here is Kitty...see how fat she is.  
 Kitty and Blake

Scott and Becky...
So nice to be home with the family, to feel of their love and share in all of their experiences.

Kurt went a hike with the grandkids today, frisbee golf with Brian, I went to walmart with Becky and Tiffany and checked out the food, and have spent a lot of time in the hammock with the grandkids and catching lunch and then swimming.