Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sister Sarat arrives!

We have a wonderful new Sister in our mission, Sister Sarat.  She began her mission in the MTC in Guatemala and is now serving in the beautiful area of Otusco.  He are a few pictures of her first 24 hours in the mission.
 Sisters Wisa and Sister Romero welcome Sister Sarat to the mission
 As we were adding a new sister to the Otusco area, we needed to load up all of the furniture and take it up the mountain.  We had a beautiful ride up.  As usual we saw, baby burros, lambs, turkeys and chicken at the side of the road.  
 Heramana Sarat was greated by her new trainer, Sister Gonzalez.   They were so excited to meet one another.
 Sister Gonzalez and Sister Grow have been companions up in Otusco and love working in the mountains.  Sister Sarat will be in good hands.

 While the Zone leaders, Elder Bravo and Elder Dority put together the furniture, the sisters relaxed, got to know each other and took a few photos. 

 The assistants came up for moral support, is that Elder Smith?  Is he laying down on the job?
 Elder Bravo was taking care of business as usual
…and I have no idea what Elder Bravo and Elder Dority are doing here.  I will say that the window that they are working on in the shower, opens up against a cement wall (and I mean against it, only 2 inches from the window).