Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Friday, February 7, 2014

One more great service project...

 Our Leadership Council Meets each month.  We had a wonderful meeting and our training was excellent.  President Marler spoke on Nephi and his experience in building a ship "in a new way," following the instructions of the Lord.  He compared this to our experiences in this life and doing things the way the Lord instructs us in our day.  (1 Nephi 17-18).  
Elder Zavaleta, Elder Castillo and Elder Smith, a great lesson on our Savior, Jesus Christ

The Assistants gave a wonderful presentation on the Doctrine of Christ, and the application of using the  doctrines to better ourselves and improving our teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others. 

After each Leadership Meeting with have a service project for one of our communities.  Vista Alegre in the Buenos Aires Zone has received more than our of our service days.  We painted the school that you see pictured behind Sister Paiva at one of our projects.  The Municipalidad is wonderful to work with, and we enjoy visiting with the residents of Vista Alegre as we work, they are so appreciative. 

Sister Bedoya and Sister Balcaza are ready to sweep the streets of Vista Alegre

Sister Carbone and Sister Villanueva 

Elder Dennis demonstrating his cleaning techniques?????

Elder Rittscher and Elder Boekweg 

OK, now this is work, sweeping an entire park and the streets with kitchen brooms...

Elder Nystrom, Elder Tirado and Elder Zavaleta 

Elder Bramble joins Leadership Council as a new Zone Leader

Elder Garcia, Elder Ferreira, Elder Almonacid, Elder Soto, Elder Coronado, & Elder Shimp pause for a photo

Note the "push boom" technique with the kitchen brooms.  

Elder Garcia and Elder Oyarzo

How many Elders can you fit in a little pick-up truck?
Elder Shimp, Elder Ferreira, Elder Coronado, Elder Soto and Elder Almonacid head out to work in another area

Or a Moto taxi????  Elder Marchant, Elder Brown, Elder Castillo and Elder Hernandez think four is about right…no seat belt laws here...

Elder Diaz, Elder Dority and Elder Contreras supervising the activities

Sister Allred and Sister Carbone picking up large trash…has anyone seen Sister Marler?

Elder Smith and Elder Dority get front seat in the Municipalidad Truck

Elder Nystrom, Elder Smith and Elder Bramble roll out to serve

Elder Garcia, Elder Boekweg, Elder Tway and Elder Rittscher ...

Zona Este had great shirts for the service day…thanks Elders!