Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Multi-Zone Conference Casma & Chimbote Peru

It is always a pleasure to meet with our wonderful missionaries during Multi-Zone Conferences.  
Today we met with Chimbote Peru and the Casma Zones in Chimbote.  

We had a training by the Assistants on the various revelations received by the different Prophets of the Latter-days and how they all built up to the "Work of Salvation" in our day.  From Jospeh Smith and the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to David O. McKay and the building and strengthening of families, to Gordon B. Hinckley and the building of temples so people around the world can receive their ordinances, to President Monson and the "Obra de Salvación"
Elder Antuña and Elder Zavaleta

Sister Marler presented the "Parable of the Sliver" thanks to her grandson who had a sliver in his hand that was infected.  She compared the sliver to our sins and thoughts, and how we need to get slivers out of our lives before they become infected.   She talked about the love Jesus Christ has for us and for his atoning sacrifice on our behalf, that we need not suffer, if we only repent and follow him. 

President Marler spoke on teaching with clarity and finding those who have been chosen of the Lord to receive his Gospel.  We read scriptures on having power and sharing with the world that the missionaries  come with this power of the Lord into the world, to share his light and truth and invite others to come unto Christ.
Sister Pullan, Sister Bills and Sister Worlton

Elder Zarate, Elder Garcia, Elder Platino, Elder Johnson, Elder Peralta
Elder Rotolo and Elder Arana, Zone Leaders in Casma
Elder Beccera and Elder McClelland
Elder Perez and Elder Cunningham
Elder Mendoza and Elder Cuevas

Sister Ivie and Sister Pullan

Sister Worlton, Sister Bravo , Sister Flores, Sister Arancibio, Sister Cossio
Elder McClelland, Elder Pearce, Elder Orihuela and Elder Becerra
Elder Antuña and Elder Becerra

Elder Perez, Elder Cunningham, Elder Cuevas and Elder Contreras