Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Monday, June 9, 2014

Activity Day, Primavera and Este Zones

Zona Este and Zona Primavera had a p-day at the beach
President Marler taught everyone how to play baseball

 Hermana Marler teaching everyone how to bat…thank goodness I was on a softball team for several years in High School…I tell you, every past skill comes in handy as a mission president's wife
 batting practice for team Winterton…note we used a soccer ball for batting practice
 thanks to Grandpa Don Marler (President's Dad) we had a lightning ball…that is a great big softball, just perfect for games with no mitts…Sister Grow is demonstrating the third base line drive
 One of our lefties, Elder Guillen connect with the ball for a 2 base hit
 Elder Sauceda hits it out of the park, or down the beach on Team Tway
 It wouldn't be Peru without a friendly game of soccer…
some Elders preferred a game they had played before

 Elder Verrenti couldn't be playing on a more beautiful field
 Elder Morga, Elder Verrenti and Elder Rodriguez make a mad dash for the ball
 Elder Sato on the other hand, loved the lightening ball game…he has a natural talent
 Sister Portillo was quite the pitcher.  
 Sister Redd was our all round great athlete
 President Marler makes it into home…score
 Sister Assef, Sister Poma and Sister Gonzalez
 Sister Christensen and Sister Redd waiting for their turn at bat
 Elder Tway and Elder Rybertt enjoying the sunny day
 Sisters, Montalvo, Christensen, Redd, Marler, Assef, Poma and Gonzalez…
all smiles, team must be winning
 Secret weapon…Elder Fankhouser
Sister Jeffery, waiting on first…lovely view from first base!
 Elder Ojeda , Elder Iturralde, Elder Cardenas, and Elder Rodriguez
 Elder Rybertt, Elder Verrenti, Elder Perez, Elder Rodriguez and Elder Morga
 Elder Fankhouser and Elder Singh
Elder Garcia and Elder Callata

Sisters Poma, Assef, Montalvo, Portillo, Grow and Redd in Back
In front, Sister Christensen and Sister Gonzalez
 Zona Primavera
 Sister pyramid
Elder's pyramid…
We had a great day, and a fun time was had by all