Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Every 6 weeks we have Changes in our mission, new missionaries come, those who have served for 2 years or Sisters who have served for 18 months return home. 
What about the rest of the mission? 
Well every 4-6 months they change companions as well, and here is what that looks like.
 First we all gather for a devotional, President and Sister Marler speak for a few minutes
and then we start announcing companions.
 As their names are called they greet their new companions and then get it a taxi or bus to go to their new area. 
 We always have an opening hymn and here Sister Worlton hold the book while Sister Allred plays the piano and Sister Farley directs the hymn.
 Everyone is very happy but a bit nervous about living with new companions
But everyone is happy to be together
 Elder Zacharias and  Elder Barrios
 Sister Farley and Sister Gutierrez
 Sister Worlton, Sister Carbone, Sister Jeffery, Sister Gutierrez, Sister Farley and Sister Poma
 Sister Yaqui, Sister Bills and Sister Calle
 Elder Pequeño, Elder Swaney, Elder Perez, Elder Cunningham, Elder Haake and Elder Dow
 Elder Garcia, Elder Calvas, Elder Tarazona,  Elder Huallpa, Elder Contreras, Elder Lloyd
 Elder Cowley and Elder Huatuco
 Elder Brown and Elder Diaz
 Elder Rybertt and Elder Rodriguez 
 Sister Sarat, Sister Romero, Sister Dahua, Sister Wisa, Sister Portillo, President Marler, Sister Huayton, Sister Malara, Sister Ascencio and Sister Shreve
 Elder Singh, Elder Ojeda, Elder Iturralde and Elder Alvarez
Elder Sato

 Just waiting...
 Saying good-bye to Elder Boekweg our Personal Secretary, have fun in the Sierra
 Elder Cruz, Elder Huallpa and Elder Pre
 Sister Montalvo and Sister Balcaza are ready to roll
 Sister Balcaza, Sister Wisa, Sister Huayton, Sister Marler, Sister Dahaua, Sister Malara, Sister Portillo and Sister Montalvo
 Elder Duque and Elder Johnson head out to their area
 Sister Flores and Sister Palacio say good-bye
 New companions with matching shoes????
 Zona Sierra ready to head for the mountains
Sister Balcaza and Sister Estrada, ready to be the first sisters in Casma