Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Faithful and Loved...

5 of our wonderful, valiant, obedient, kind, and loving missionaries from Honduras received reassignments to various Colombia and Ecuador missions this last week.

Sister Flores, Elder Rodriguez, Elder Sauceda, Elder Cruz and Elder Hernandez 
Happy to serve where ever the Lord assigns them!
On their way from Chimbote to Trujillo to catch a plane, the missionaries had quite a group to see them off.
 Elder Winterton with Elder Cruz, making sure everyone has their passports and tickets.

 Elder Sauceda and Elder Rodriguez, relaxing before lunch in the mission home

 As luck would have it there was no electricity in Trujillo, so Sister Marler cooked the tortillas for tacos on the bar-b-que…and you thought it was only for hamburgers!
 Sister Poma and Elder Claros share their experiences of moving from one mission to another.  They were in Bolivia, Venezuela and now in the Trujuillo Mission.

We celebrated Sister Flores' birthday with a tres leches cake…tip for the day, if you don't have electricity, don't try to shake your whipping cream, it went from liquid to butter immediately 

Sister Flores blew out her candles, we hope all of her wishes come true
 Everyone loved having one last meal in the mission home…Elder Hernandez favorite…tacos
 Elder Hernandez, Elder Sauceda, Elder Cruz, Elder Rodriguez, the Marler's and Sister Flores

 Elder Hernandez happy as ever...

We will miss you all
Our best wishes and love go with you as you serve in Colombia and Ecuador