Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Leadership Training Meeting

Music is an important part of our ministry here,
We use music to invite the Spirit and touch the hearts and souls
of the listeners. 
 Elder Vimahi sang a beautiful Tongan hymn to start the meeting.
Sister Marler provided a training on teamwork.
Comparing our missionary force to football teams and 
how to achieve success as we are united on Christ's "team."
It looks like President Marler, enjoyed the presentation.

Sister Nuñez and Sister Aranguren demonstrated an example of teaching with
a lesson plan to help us by more concise, powerful and effective in our teaching.
...and of course, we practiced what we learned. 
Elder Sotelo and Elder Ricapa, demonstrated another lesson,
again using a lesson plan to invite the Spirit, and touch the hearts of those hearing our message.

...and more practices.

Elder Bond and Elder Marshall not only taught about the purpose of using lesson plans,
but also lead the discussion about the difference in this kind of teaching.

President Marler shared insights about establishing the church, and
the importance of having our "fruits" remain long after we as missionaries leave.
That the Church of Christ may be established upon the earth.
The Roots of the members must grow deep,
and have true conversions to Christ and his teachings.
We closed with a musical number by Elder Heward and Elder McEwan with
Sister Mason on the piano.  
Our wonderful leadership team.