Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Carla Fogenera in Esperanza

This Charla Fogenera was a musical fireside, 
complete with testimonies of recent converts to the Church and Mormon Messages from  
We had about 600 people in attendance and it was a wonderful program.
 The first pictures here were taken during the practice.  
We always have a 2 or 3 hour practice before each program. 
 Sister Sequiera, Sister Sanchez, Sister Salinas, Sister Haro and Sister Arroyo.
 Elder Arenas sharing Sister South and Sister Roach's dinner with our young adult missionaries.
 Elder McEwan, Sister Nuñez and Sister Aranguren.
 Elder Consuegra and Elder Cogollo.
 Elder Espinosa helpi Elder Manley during practice.
Sister Yujra, Sister Chavez and Sister Cruz being photo-bombed by Elder Suarez and Elder Bermejo.
 Elder Tacza in back, Elder Cogollo center and Elder McEwan on the right.

 The "Sister-Sisters", Hermana Angell and Hermana Vaughan.

 Gian Paul and his friends played a piano, 3 violin quartet.
 ...and the show begins.

 The Choir sang three songs tonight, "Called to Serve", "I Believe in Christ", 
"How Great Thou Art".

 Sister Furness accompanied the Choir and several of the solo numbers. 
 Elder Terry on the Sax.
 Elder Manley sang a beautiful song he arranged.
Elde Lavado accompanied Sister South on the Violin.

 Sister Pineda and Elder McEwan sang, "His Hands".

President Bravo bore a wonderful testimony and invited people to come unto Christ. 
 President Marler spoke and also invited everyone to recognize the Holy Ghost and come unto Christ.
 Sister Haro, Sister Arroyo, Sister Salinas, Sister Sanchez and Sister Sequiera.

 The Marler's with the Bravo Family.
 Sister Hidalgo, Sister Pineda, Elder McEwan and Elder Cruz. 

Elder Espinosa, Elder Casco, Elder Mendez, Elder Bond and Elder Manley.
 Just 4 photo-bombers behind Sister Roach and Sister South.
Sister Nuñez and Sister Aranguren with Sister Coleman.

 Honestly! Sister Aranguren, Sister Nuñez, Sister Pineda, Sister Marler, 
Sister Hidalgo and Sister South.
Sister Stewart gives Sister Cruz a big hug.

Sister Cruz, Sister Stewart, Sister Cruz and Sister Yuri.
It was a wonderful evening and a great program.
Thanks to all who participated, practice and came to the program.