Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Wonderful Trip to Cajamarca

Every month we travel to the far reaches of our mission,
Cajamarca is always a delight and the trip is always an adventure.

 Our first stop was in Cartavio, Elder Bentley took a picture of Sister Angell and Sister Vaughan,
with a beautiful sunset as a backdrop.
 The burning of the Cane fields outside of Casa Grande, it smells sweet, and at night, looks beautiful
The Zona Neblina, we drive through the clouds.
 On the way to Cajamarca we stopped at a museum in Kuntur Wasi.  
There were civilizations and tombs dating back to 1200 years before Christ. 
The tombs when discovered in 1946 contained some beautiful gold pieces. 
Above is a gold crown with 12 Jaguars, some believe they represent the 12 tribes of Israel.
 These gold earrings were pretty amazing.
 A second crown with 14 faces. 
After touring the museum of where there were many beautiful beads and artifacts,
we continued to Cajamarca.
 Dinner at the Plaza de Armas, an excellent dinner, including, trout, roast beef, and of course....
 Sister Bentley had her first Cuy (guinea pig).
 The Church we attended today was the Cajamarca Ward, 
the meeting house is a refurbished colonial home. 
The flavor of the early 1600's is apparent in every detail.
 Sister Vaughan, Sister Angell and Sister Marler helped with the Sunday School lesson. 
We were teaching about the scriptures and our part was about the Pearl of Great Price.
Well done for three gringitas!
 Sister Pattillo, Sister Nielsen, Elder Cuno, Elder Suearz, Hermana Angell, Hermana Vaughan, Hermana Marler, President Marler, Hermana Harris, Hermana Mancilla 
and the Ward Mission Leader.  A great team in Cajamarca!

 As we left, we were presented with flowers, and several sisters had pictures taken with us. 

Then we were on our way back to Pacasmayo.
A Guanaco, a little cousin to the llamas and alpacas.
 We had to wait for a herd of goats to clear the road in order to get back.
 As it has been raining off and on (mostly on) for weeks, so the rivers are raging. 
 Long trips provide opportunities to crochet another afghan for my daughter Stefany.
Here we had to cross the stream running into the river, we found that the road was washing out,
and we were pretty nervous to cross the wash.
We had a wonderful weekend, met with many of the missionaries, the stake president and had a marvelous time with the Cajamarca Ward.